A Place in the Sun couple clash over ‘vibe’ of property in awkward on-camera moment

AN A Place in the Sun couple clashed over the “vibe” of a property in an awkward on-camera moment.

Married couple Colin and Elspeth from Edinburgh enlisted help from expert Danni Menzies to try and help them find their dream home in Menorca for £150,000.

An A Place in the Sun couple couldn’t see eye to eye over one of the properties they viewed with expert Danni Menzies

The pair have been regular visitors to the west coast of the island for over 20 years and wanted to buy a holiday home that they can move into when they retire.

They made it known that they were keen to invest in a two-bedroom villa with lots of outside space, a separate kitchen and a pool.

Danni went on to show the couple five stunning properties, but the one situated in Ciutadella in Cala Blanca certainly divided opinion.

It boasted two-bedrooms, one bathroom and a place for Colin to use his telescope on the roof.

Colin and Elspeth had a budget of £150,000
The fourth property caused a bit of a stir between the couple
Colin loved the views

While Colin was a huge fan of the villa, Elspeth clearly wasn’t, as she preferred the previous locations and didn’t think it had a homely feel.

She said: “It is absolutely beautiful I’m just not sure about being here and I think I’d feel better in the other location.”

Her husband liked the property because of the views and the fact it was under budget, priced at £140,000.

Danni asked the couple: “How did you get on guys? What did you think about the rest of the property?”

But Elspeth wasn’t a fan

Colin replied: “It’s really nice but I think Elspeth doesn’t have the same sort of vibes about it.”

The host asked: “So have you got different feelings about this place?”

And Colin explained that they were a team and both had to like the property.

Despite their clashing opinions on the villa, they decided to put in an offer for the Cala Blanca property.

The couple went away with a property for £162,000

They originally tried to buy for £160,000, which was turned away so they agreed with £162,000.

It comes after viewers were horrified when host Jasmine Harman took house hunters to a property that “looked like a slaughterhouse”.

The show expert was trying to help George from Bedfordshire find a holiday home in Mallorca’s Port de Pollensa for £155,000.

When they walked upstairs George said: “It needs a bit of work – a bit of imagination.”

But he went on to add: “Seeing the structure inside, I think there’s a lot more that needs doing to it.

“Things like all the stairs, they are very steep, and these [pointing to his knees] aren’t getting any younger.”

And viewers weren’t surprised George turned down the property as they rushed to Twitter to express their opinions.

One wrote: “Looks like a slaughter house.”

Another added: “Dangerous stairs to a crap ‘terrace’. No thanks.”

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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