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Adele's true identity in Behind Her Eyes teased from the start – 5 clues you missed

The journal

Speaking of the journal, this was another major teaser for the ending.

Why would Adele have Rob’s book unless something dodgy went on?

This also acted as a red herring as it made viewers think she could have killed Rob when really, he was there all along.

The journal was his to loan Louise so had no problem with handing it over.

All flashbacks 

Now thinking back to the show, every flashback moment featured Rob.

While it was meant to be told from Adele’s perspective, it was actually from Rob’s.

Pointing this detail out, a fan tweeted: “That’s why in all of Adele’s flashbacks she’s always with Rob.

“We’re actually seeing things always from Rob’s memory, not Adele’s.”

Behind Her Eyes is available to watch on Netflix.

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