After Ulrika Jonsson strips off, women who are also au naturel-born gardeners

IT’S amazing what you can see out in the garden at this time of year.

Ulrika Jonsson stripped off to push a wheelbarrow around her lawn in aid of men’s bereavement charity StrongMen and its #BareYourself campaign, and the Sun columnist isn’t the only one doing a spot of skinny-clipping.


As Ulrika Jonsson stripped off and pushed a wheelbarrow, we talk to six other women who love to garden in the buff[/caption]

We meet six ladies who love to prune their bushes in the buff.

‘I tan as I see to garden’

MUM-of-two Nina Davies, 39, took up naked gardening three years ago at her home in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

She lives with husband Jonathan, 45, a bank manager, and kids Angelina, 11, and Gabriel, seven, and their cottage has a secluded garden.

Olivia West

Mum-of-two Nina Davies, 39, reveals ‘I don’t think the neighbours can see but I’m not that bothered’[/caption]

Nina says: “I do a lot of gardening and I like being in the sun and getting a natural tan, so why not do both?

“When you are a busy mum you don’t have time to sit in the sun.

“I started doing the gardening wearing a bikini but then I didn’t want strap lines so I started going topless then took more off.

“I don’t think the neighbours can see but I’m not that bothered.

“There have been a few times I have had to quickly grab something to cover up.

“My children would probably say it’s ‘max-level cringe’ while my husband doesn’t care.”

‘Watch out for thorns’

SINGLE mum Hannah Armitage, 32, a marketing executive from Milton Keynes, Bucks, credits naked gardening with helping her mental health during lockdown.

Hannah said: “I’ve always enjoyed topless sunbathing.

News Group Newspapers Ltd

Single mum Hannah Armitage, 32, finds gardening in the buff great for her mental health but says ‘just have to watch out for bees, wasps and thorny plants’[/caption]

“Then, in July 2019, after an exhausting day sitting at my computer, I decided to strip off and wander around the garden in the evening.

“It was just what I needed to clear my head.

“After that I started to do weeding and planting in the buff. It was a kind of therapy.

“In lockdown, being naked in my garden became a way of staying fit and looking after my mental health.

“It’s a laugh chasing my three chihuahuas around the garden in the nude.

“Naked gardening gives me a unique sense of control and freedom. You just have to watch out for bees, wasps and thorny plants.”

‘I reckon I look pretty hot’

GREAT-grandmother Cazz Bailey, 58, a make-up artist and NHS volunteer, has been naked gardening for 30 years.

Cazz, from Daventry, Northants, said: “I’ve got three grown sons, five grandkids and one great grandchild and I am a proud naked gardener. I know half my family shakes their head in disbelief.

Damien McFadden

Great-grandmother Cazz Bailey, 58, explains ‘This is the body I have been given, I’m not ashamed of it’[/caption]

“When friends visit, they will text me when they arrive to make sure I don’t greet them in the buff. It started when I was sunbathing naked and decided to pull up some weeds. This was in 1991.

“I like to let the chickens out in the buff too, although I’ll wear wellies so I don’t tread in chicken poo!

“This is the body I have been given, I’m not ashamed of it. Being naked is natural and normal.

“I’ve always been a bit of a rebel and I don’t intend to act my age. I’m nearly 60 and I hope I’ll still be naked gardening when I’m 90. It’s keeping me fit and I reckon I look pretty hot for my age.

“When I have the big clippers out for hedge trimming, I have to be careful not to nick a nipple – especially when I’m bending over the smaller plants. I’ve even been known to climb a ladder naked to reach high branches and vines.

“I think Ulrika’s naked shot is great. She and I should have a bush-trimming match – I bet I would beat her.”

‘It led to modelling jobs’

MUM-of-two Vanessa Powell, 53, says her teenage daughters are horrified by her naked gardening.

She adds: “When one of my daughters saw me sorting out my pot plants starkers during lockdown she screamed from the window for me to cover up.

Vanessa Powell, 53, says her daughters are horrified by her naked gardening but reveals ‘It makes me feel sexy and alive’

“They’re 18 and 15 and typical teenagers, but the rebel in me ignored them. Since then, whenever they’re out I take the opportunity to strip off and cut back hedges, pot seedlings and work out which bulbs to plant.”

Vanessa, an admin worker and model who lives with her husband Stacy, 49, in Coulsdon, South London, continues: “My husband and I knocked down our garage last year and renovated the outdoor area, replacing it with a pergola, outdoor sofas and a barbecue area.

“Now our garden is a tranquil, private haven.

“When people compliment me on my glowing tan, they can’t believe it when I tell them it’s down to naked gardening. It makes me feel sexy and alive.

“Plus I’ve been getting more catalogue modelling jobs since I started doing it, probably because I’m fitter and feeling more confident.

“Seeing Ulrika bare all is inspiring and makes me proud that she and I are in the naked gardening club together – despite the fact that we both have truculent teenagers.”

‘Sun and breeze feel good’

LIBRARY assistant Gill Baxter, 41, turned to naked gardening after her marriage broke down.

The mum of two said: “I like to call it bounce-back naked gardening. When my husband and I split two months after we bought a house and garden to renovate, I was shocked.

Ellie Baxter

Gill Baxter, 41, tells ‘Feeling the sun and breeze on my body made me realise I should spend more time weeding and pruning in the buff’[/caption]

“I started working out at the gym to stay positive.” Gill, who lives in Crewe with children Ellie, 11, and Harry, seven, adds: “We turned the garden into a paradise of rainbow colours and joy.

“To celebrate the garden and my toned body I posed for World Naked Gardening Day, which happens on the first Saturday in May. Ellie, who was then nine, took the photos.

“Feeling the sun and breeze on my body made me realise I should spend more time weeding and pruning in the buff.

“You have to be careful though. I don’t recommend using a strimmer when you’re starkers. And there was a time I tumbled over and ended up with crushed snail shells and lawn clippings on my butt.

“I’ve also removed all the stinging leaf plants. No one wants to tell the doctor about plant rashes in unexpected areas.

“The children love my new joy and it’s helping me redefine myself in my forties.”

‘Sunscreen your nipples’

GRANDMA Carron Burley, 55, credits tending to her large garden in the nude for keeping her body tanned and super fit.

She says: “When a friend suggested taking some pictures to mark World Naked Gardening Day, I thought, ‘Why not?’

Carron Burley

Grandma Carron Burley, 55, says ‘Naked gardening has given me new confidence’[/caption]

“Our garden is huge, with a waterfall, pond and more than 100 potted plants. It’s also secluded.

“It was so freeing that whenever I get an opportunity to strip off and mow, sow, water or plant, I will.

“I’m also a huge fan of naked hiking. Wandering around in nature au naturel is a revelation.”

Carron, a former NHS worker from Sheffield, who now works as a film extra, adds: “Being in the buff in the back yard isn’t without its problems though. I’ve had scratches on my bum from trimming hedges and bug bites on my breasts.

“I’ve also found soil in unusual crevices, but my husband Ray says that’s what the watering can is for.

“Naked gardening has given me new confidence, and some people say it’s also given me the body of a 40-year-old.

“I tell them it’s all about positive thinking, lots of vitamin D, exercise – and plenty of sunscreen on your nipples. In my view, if you haven’t naked gardened, you haven’t lived.”

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