Aldi shopper shares simple hack to help you FINALLY keep up with those speedy checkout staff

TRYING to keep out with fast checkout staff when doing your food shop can be a real struggle and they’re often waiting for you to bag up your shopping before you’re ready to pay.

After they’re done whizzing through your groceries, you feel eyes on you as you try and rush the bagging process – but what if you could skip that altogether?

One savvy shopper has revealed the genius way he keeps up with speedy checkout staff

One savvy shopper has shared the simple yet genius hack they swear by to get them away from the checkout as quickly as possible and avoid any awkwardness.

It involves no bags at all and two laundry baskets ready and waiting in your boot.

Revealing how it’s done, TikTok user @1980sgamer shared a video of him demonstrating the clever hack online and it’s already been watched nearly 34k times.

It sees him stocking up on the food shop and instructing: “Just get all of your food like usual, then begin the checkout process by throwing all your food on the belt and then pay for your items.”


He ditches the bagging process and just throws his items back in his trolley so there’s no faffing around[/caption]

Pointing out other shoppers bagging their goods at the till point, he says: “You see all these people wasting time bagging their groceries? Yeah, skip that. Just head to your vehicle with all your groceries loose in your cart like this.”

He then opens the car boot to reveal two empty laundry baskets sat ready and waiting.

“For this hack to work, you’re going to need two laundry baskets. Just start throwing your food into those laundry baskets, just keep throwing it in there until you fill it up to the top,” he explains.


Instead, he loads two laundry baskets into his boot and throws his food shopping into those[/caption]


The baskets can be brought straight inside and unloaded like they usually would[/caption]

“Now you can just drive home and I just saved you a ton of time by skipping the bagging process with this great grocery hack.”

Simply bring the laundry baskets into the house and unload as you usually would.

Thousands of people liked his video, with hundreds commenting on the post and calling the shopping trick the “greatest idea”.

“Oh my god yes! I have been doing this for some time now,” said a fellow savvy shopper.

Another said: “Omg so genius, I never thought of laundry baskets.”

Thinking of a way that would save even more time, a few suggested loading the trolley up with the empty laundry baskets to begin with.

One person posted: “Why not bring the laundry baskets in the store save even more time?”

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