Angelina Jolie pays secret visit to ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller’s NYC apartment after losing custody war with Brad Pitt

ANGELINA Jolie paid a secret visit to her ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller in his New York City apartment after losing her nasty custody war with Brad Pitt last month.

The actress- who was married to Jonny for three years in the 90s- was spotted carrying a bottle of wine as she walked into her actor ex’s Brooklyn home.


Angelina Jolie was spotted walking to Jonny Lee Miller’s apartment[/caption]


She came by herself and carried a bottle of wine[/caption]


Jonny Lee Miller leaves in Dumbo, Brooklyn[/caption]


The choice of wine was very expensive[/caption]

Angelina, 46, has seemingly moved on after her custody battle with Brad, 57, was finalized.

On Monday night, the actress was spotted making her way into Jonny’s Brooklyn apartment as they reconnected after she had celebrated a birthday trip to NYC with her kids.

She arrived alone to the 49-year-old’s Dumbo place with just a bottle of wine.

The Maleficent actress covered up with a face mask and a trench coat to cover up from the rainy conditions.


Angelina left three hours later[/caption]


She looked around before heading out on her own[/caption]


She left at around 10:30 pm[/caption]


She kept her mask on inside the building[/caption]


She rocked a stunning trench coat[/caption]

After three hours in his apartment, at 10:30 p.m., she left under the cover of the night.

Aware that leaving his apartment late at night could set tongues wagging, Angelina made sure to look around before swiftly leaving the building.

The next day, Jonny made an appearance in the same neighborhood as he jogged in the rain.

He wore a blue raincoat, which also worked as a mask, but it did little to keep him dry.

Angelina and Jonny first met when they were filming Hackers in 1995.


Jonny Lee Miller was then spotted the next day in the same neighborhood[/caption]


He jogged in the rain[/caption]


Jonny is currently single as well[/caption]


Angelina and Jonny got married in 1996[/caption]

Shockingly, the couple got married just six months later with only her mom and one of his friends in attendance of the private celebration.

Oddly, Angelina, who was just 20 years old at the time, wore leather pants and a tee with his name written in her own blood.

She previously told The Sun about their relationship: “We both proposed to each other and both had questions to ask.

“I wondered if we should stay engaged for a while since he was going to be in Britain and I would stay in LA. But we went for a quick wedding.


They called it quits in 1999[/caption]

“I went in black leather pants. I had pants with a zipper that goes back to front. He stuck a veil on me at the last second and put a garter on the pants.”

Sadly, the couple separated after one year of marriage and were divorced by 1999.

However, their separation didn’t leave them bitter as they remained close friends throughout the years before reuniting now in 2021.


Angelina has been in NYC to celebrate her birthday[/caption]

Getty – Contributor

Jonny married Michele Hicks and they share one son[/caption]

Getty Images – Getty

Angelina was famously married to Brad Pitt and they ended things in 2016[/caption]

Jonny went on to marry Michele Hicks from 2008 to 2018 and they share son Buster, 12.

On the other hand, Angelina married Billy Bob Thorton in 2000 and then Brad in 2014.

Angelina leaning on Jonny for support comes after a temporary ruling issued by a judge gave her and her ex Brad shared custody of their children, except for Maddox, who at 19-years-old is no longer a minor. 

Angelina and Brad have been at war since their 2019 divorce, with the actress bidding to retain custody of their children amid allegations Brad was “abusive” to their then 15-year-old son Maddox during a private jet flight from France to the US.

Getty – Contributor

A judge granted them shared custody of their kids[/caption]

Last month, a judge handed Brad a major victory in their dispute, agreeing to give him 50/50 custody of their children after she blocked access.

While Brad is thrilled by the decision, a source close to the drama has revealed the Tomb Raider star is “bitterly disappointed.”

A source told In Touch that the actor views the ruling as a “fresh start,” adding: “He’s over the moon now.”

The insider claimed that the court battle was a “nightmare,” though Brad is happy that the legal drama is “behind him” for now.

Additionally, Brad reportedly “feels like he’s finally gotten a fair chance in his years-long court battle with Angie over the kids.

“That’s all he’s ever wanted: a fair shot.”

The source concluded: “Brad is more content today than he’s ever been.”


Angelina has mainly been the one to raise the kids[/caption]

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