Anger as drivers going through France must quarantine even if they don't leave their car

From July 19, anyone arriving from France (including those transitioning through France) to England must continue to quarantine. They must quarantine for ten days at home or in other accommodation, even if they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

The Government website states that if you are travelling to England in a private vehicle, the rules of the countries and territories you drive through apply. 

This would mean that if you drive through France, you must follow the amber list rules when you arrive in England.

This applies whether you stop in the country or territory or not.

If you were to drive from Germany to France without stopping and get on the Eurotunnel to England, you would still need to quarantine.

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The guidance said: “Anyone who has been in France in the last 10 days will need to quarantine on arrival to England in their own accommodation and will need a day two and day eight test, regardless of their vaccination status.

“This includes any fully vaccinated individual who transits through France from either a green or another amber country to reach England.”

This would indicate that drivers who may have been in green list countries in Europe may still have to quarantine if they drove through France.

Despite this, there are some exceptions, including essential workers, like lorry drivers.

Drivers on social media have vented their frustration at the decisions.

One Twitter user tweeted to the Department for Transport account asking: “Could you please look at this ludicrous situation regarding driving through France with zero interaction being counted as being dangerous and in need of quarantine restrictions, please?” 

As coronavirus restrictions continue to ease in the UK, people will be looking forward to going on holiday, both in the UK and abroad.

Many people are still reluctant to fly anywhere, so will choose to drive to their destination.

Around 29 million staycations are expected to take place before the end of the year in the UK.

But, seven percent of drivers still expect to take a summer holiday elsewhere in Europe, although this is down from ten percent in April. 

Almost 35 percent people are also still holding on a foreign holiday.

Previously, the Government stated that Eurostar passengers on services travelling through France would not need to quarantine if their train didn’t stop in France.

It is unclear as to whether there would be an exemption to passengers who travel to England from Belgium, as the train stops in Lille.

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