Anneka Rice slams Strictly and says she was left with depression and whiplash three months after appearing on the show

TELLY’S Anneka Rice has revealed that starring on Strictly Come Dancing left her broken and depressed.

She needed months of physio for a whiplash injury suffered dancing the Charleston.

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Anneka Rice revealed she was left broken and depressed after appearing on Strictly Come Dancing[/caption]


The TV star suffered a serous whiplash injury on the 2019 series, when she was paired with Kevin Clifton[/caption]

Anneka, 62, said she was not prepared for the physical strain despite forging her career as an “action girl” on shows including Channel 4’s Treasure Hunt and the BBC’s Challenge Anneka.

She told a podcast: “I’d never really been badly injured in my life, considering all the lunatic stunts and things I’ve done.

“But it brings you very low because I obviously wondered whether I’d ever recover.

“I got quite depressed afterwards.

“The bit I didn’t expect was how broken I’d be, for someone who’s very fit.

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Anneka says she was not prepared for the physical strain of the show[/caption]

“I was in physio for three months afterwards because I had such bad whiplash in my neck because of the last dance I did.”

Anneka, voted out in week three in 2019, claimed injuries on the show were considered “part of it”.

And she joked of a lack of prep with partner Kevin Clifton, 38.

Anneka said: “There were masses of injuries.

“Jamie Laing injured his foot before we even started.

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She was known as an ‘action girl’ during her time on BBC’s Challenge Anneka[/caption]

“Paralympian Will Bailey was given a routine where he had to jump from a table . . . so he was in hospital.

“I think some partners do a lot of limbering up before you even start training, but we didn’t.

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Anneka says ‘the bit I didn’t expect was how broken I’d be, for someone who’s very fit’[/caption]

“Kevin and I just had a sausage roll and went for it. You’re so high on adrenaline you don’t actually realise how injured you are.”

She also had a dig at celebs who claimed not to have much ballroom experience.

Anneka said: “Everyone always says ‘oh, I can’t dance’ and then they miraculously have their own tap shoes.”

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