Bachelor in Paradise fans rejoice as Alana & Chris leave after couple is compared to villains Brendan & Pieper

BACHELOR in Paradise fans took to social media to rejoice on Tuesday night after Alana Milne and Chris Conran leave the island.

They both decided to leave paradise after Chris was slammed by Jessenia Cruz and fans compared him and Alana to villains Brendan Morais and Pieper James.

Fans of the show insisted “they should all be kicked off” the island after Chris kissed Alana and went on a date with her.

Chris, who previously claimed to be in good standing with Jessenia, ultimately upset her with his decision to pursue Alana.

Towards the end of the episode, Jessenia confronted Thomas for lying to her “multiple times.” “Pack your bags and leave,” she told him.

Amid the drama, one fan tweeted: “Okay I need this same energy for Brendan and Piper as there is for Chris and Alana… BOTH couples need to be kicked the f off the beach.”

Another wrote: “Why was no one else this annoyed at Brendan and Pieper when they did the same exact thing as Chris and whatever her name is???”

Chris and Alana both decided to leave paradise at the end of the episode on September 7, leaving in separate cars.

Their drama followed Pieper James’ arrival on the island, when she immediately invited Brendan Morais on a date, despite his escalating relationship with Natasha.

It came after Brendan was accused of “secretly dating” Pieper before the show.

Brendan had talked out the rumors with Natasha and assured her that he felt a greater connection with her, but that didn’t stop him from immediately accepting a date with Pieper.

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