Bark of the net as UK’s cleverest dog tips England to beat Croatia

ENGLAND will beat Croatia in their Euro 2020 group opener tomorrow — according to the nation’s most intelligent dog.

Willow the wonder pooch can count to ten, spell her own name and identify shapes — and she has form for correctly predicting results of major events.

The Sun

Willow the wonder dog is predicting an England victory[/caption]

Now, after studying The Sun’s football guide, the clever cockapoo has picked out Harry Kane’s England side to win at Wembley tomorrow afternoon.

She made her prediction yesterday, in strictly controlled scientific conditions, after we presented her with three bowls, each containing a football.

On the front of each bowl we stuck a flag for England, Croatia and then a third had both for a draw.

Willow’s owner Charlotte Booth, 29, then asked her: “Who will win on Sunday, or do you fancy a draw?”

The Sun

Willow’s owner Charlotte says she is ‘never wrong’[/caption]

After a moment’s paws, Willow pounced on England’s bowl — and with her track record, that is good news for manager Gareth Southgate.

Special needs teacher Charlotte said: “This should be a great relief for England fans. She’s never wrong about these things.”

Charlotte proudly revealed Willow has form for predicting major events — including last year’s US presidential race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

She added: “She’s so clever that we’ve often wondered if she might be able to predict things.

“Me and my husband have often had a little giggle with stuff — like last year’s run-off between Biden and Trump and she was right behind Biden.


Willow predicts Harry Kane’s England will win at Wembley[/caption]

“We also asked her to pick between Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson at the last General Election. She didn’t need long to think about that one and pounced on Boris.

“And she did the same with this year’s Champions League final. Most people backed Manchester City but she went for Chelsea. She’s not been wrong yet.”

A pun-tastic England doggy XI

Her skills echo those of tentacled tipster Paul the Octopus, who successfully predicted the results of Germany’s seven matches at the 2010 World Cup.

The patriotic cockapoo was wearing an England shirt at home in Baildon, West Yorks.

The property is also decked out in England bunting, flags and balloons.

Charlotte started training Willow as a pup in 2018 and quickly moved on to tricks.

She chose between her teddy and a ball — and letters and numbers.

The Sun

Willow has been training for this moment for three years[/caption]

Willow gets a treat for every five she identifies. She also picks out shapes, including her favourite, the pentagon.

Weather symbols are also her thing but we didn’t need her to tell us it will be sunny.

BBC radio host Rachel Burden got her dog Mae to predict tomorrow’s winner — but she picked Croatia.

The Sun

Willow could be a good luck charm for England at Euro 2020[/caption]

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