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Beautician brands women’s lash extension fail ‘worst EVER’ after stylists sticks them on with hair glue

PEOPLE will go to any lengths to try and look their best, but a lash technician reveals one of ‘worst cases’ of false lashes she’s ever come across.

Ipek (@ipsbeauty) showed off the lash calamity on her TikTok, where a set of false lashes were glued to a woman’s natural lashes.


Ipek said this is the ‘worst case’ of lashes she’s ever seen[/caption]

The false lashes had been stuck on with a mixture of hair bonding glue and eyelash extension glue.

The lashes were left clumped together and when they were removed, her natural lashes were close to being pulled out.

She captioned the video: “Please go to an actual professional for extensions! Your eyes are so delicate.”

Ipek said that her client originally got her treatment done at a hairdresser – and mustn’t have had the right experience to apply them.


Her client had been somewhere else with no lash experience[/caption]


The lashes had been applied with a mixture of eyelash glue and HAIR BONDING glue[/caption]

When Ipek removed the lashes, you can see how gooey and clumpy they are, as well as the stretchy glue that held them in place.

But the lash technician managed to save the day – and the woman’s lashes.

The video has been viewed over a massive 1.2million times in less that 24 hours and racked up over 203,900 likes.

TikTok users flooded into the comments to share their horror.

One person wrote: “Looks like tar on her lashes omg!!”


Her eyelashes looked like tar[/caption]


Ipek managed to save her natural lashes without a hitch[/caption]

Another said: “I had super glue and eyelash glue before.”

Some commenters couldn’t understand why the client would put herself through that.

One user said: “Her natural lashes looked just fine.”

Someone else wrote: “Her natural lashes are beautiful! Not sure why she would’ve got them done in the first place.”

A fifth person commented: “You say ‘the worst case of lashes I’ve ever seen’ in every video.”

Ipek clapped back: “Because it gets worse every time.”

The lash technician has previously spoken about how people should take care of their false eyelashes and implores people to keep them clean to avoid infections.

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