‘Bland, beige’ mansion is transformed into ‘flamboyant’ 1930s dream home in just 12 weeks


A “BLAND and beige” mansion once owned by an eccentric, chain-smoking doctor has been transformed into a flamboyant 1930s dream home in just 12 weeks.

Art Deco fanatic Siobhan Murphy, 42, first fell in love with ‘Chatelaine’ in Leeds, West Yorks, as a youngster, and decided it needed a “flamboyant” edge.

Siobhan Murphy has stepped back in time by transforming her mansion into a 1930s dream home
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The rooms are Art Deco, with a ‘flamboyant touch’ says Siobhan, who bought the mansion in Leeds after falling in love with it as a child
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Her mum, a ‘master wallpaperer’, helped her with the wallpaper, and Siobhan used mood boards to help decide on colours throughout
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Apparently even Benji, her cat, enjoys his new home, although at first he hid in the wardrobe ‘for a couple of hours’. He now acts like ‘a little prince’
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The bathroom is ‘just beautiful’ says Siobhan who describes it as one of her favourite rooms, thanks to the Italian tiles, sunken black stone bath – with a lion’s mouth tap – all of which its original owner, a doctor, imported back in the 1930s
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The bathroom has now been transformed with an Art Deco edge, featuring a comfy chair and plush cushions to give a more homely feel
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Siobhan said: “I moved into the property around twelve weeks ago, and the walls were magnolia, plain and boring.

“It isn’t my style to use beige and creams, I am a maximalist and I love my homes to have the wow factor.

“I prefer colours and even a black feature wall with pieces of art work.

“I would describe my home as opulent and flamboyant.”


In an interview with pal Anna Straw, an interior designer in Lincolnshire, Siobhan explained that she and her husband Nick had been viewing old Victorian and Georgian properties – along with the odd penthouse apartment – when they decided to move in to the mansion.

She explained that it was built for a GP in the 1930s, who was the “talk of the town as she wore trousers, red lipstick, smoked cigarettes and apparently sunbathed naked in the tower room!”

Siobhan said that the eccentric doctor “even had a page boy to announce patients to her”.

The property was later used as a hair salon, by a woman named Dolly.

But, in the 1970s Chatelaine was in dire need need of a revamp – so much so that the local council “put a compulsory purchase order on it, and were planning to knock it down.”

Siobhan added that, luckily, a local architect bought the property and renovated it completed to “its former glory; he even sold his beloved Lotus Elan to pay for a new roof”.

For the bright and breezy kitchen, Siobhan had the walls painted bubblegum pink, and the cupboards were sprayed green, with black curved handles
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Siobhan Murphy’s bedroom has also had a 1930s transformation, and includes the fabulous parquet floor
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The interior designer said: “My home very much reflects my wardrobe as I wear a lot of floral, leopard and snake print clothing.

“I absolutely love velvet cocktail chairs, I have dotted a few around my house with coloured throws and decorative cushions.

“Our bedroom is Miami influenced with tropical wallpaper, velvet chairs and plants.

“My husband Nick Wilson, 46, just goes with it, he knows that it is my main domain. If it was up to him, the walls would all be white.”

Siobhan has accumulated her furniture from antique stores, car boot sales and charity shops.

She has also bought a few items via her Instagram (@interiorcurve) account which has more than 9k followers.

Siobhan added: “Revamping your home doesn’t have to be expensive, I am always on the hunt for bargains in charity shops and flea markets.

“But sometimes I can’t resist items and have splurged out, the ostrich feather lamp which was £1,200 from eBay and my fireplace was £800.”

Siobhan says that ‘eBay has been a great source for 1930s art deco furniture, I have bought multiple lamps for £20 to £50’
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She up-cycles where she can by adding a lick of paint or by using left over wallpapers to make high street shop items bespoke
Caters News Agency
The interior designer has stepped back in time by transforming her mansion into a 1930s dream – after filling it with animal print, bespoke paintings and bright colours
Caters News Agency
Siobhan Murphy, 42, refers to herself as a ‘maximalist’ when it comes to decorating
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