Bluewater bomb plotter to be kicked out of Britain in weeks after losing appeal

ONE of Britain’s most dangerous terrorists will be booted out of Britain in weeks after losing a court fight for freedom.

Jawad Akbar plotted to blow up Kent’s Bluewater shopping centre, bomb a nightclub and set off a radioactive “dirty” device.


Jawad Akbar has lost his appeal to be moved to a cushy open prison[/caption]

Akbar, 37, who has served more than 17 years, has waged a human rights battle to win a move to a cushy open prison since 2018, funded by legal aid.

But appeal court judges have thrown out his bid, saying a move to an open prison would be “wasteful and unnecessary”.

They also warned he would try to flee while on day release.

Pakistan-born Akbar, of Crawley, West Sussex is currently in HMP Mount at Bovingdon, Herts.

He could be deported to Italy — his father’s homeland — as early as September at the end of his sentence.


Akbar plotted to blow up Kent’s Bluewater shopping centre in 2007[/caption]

Last night ex-Foreign Office anti-terror chief Sir Ivor Roberts, of pressure group the Counter Extremism Project, called it “a watershed moment for our justice system”.

He said: “The UK justice system is intent on keeping Britain safe and preventing a convicted terrorist from manipulating the rules for his benefit.

“Those who endanger the lives of British citizens will not set their own terms for imprisonment.”

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