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Body of couple’s stillborn baby was given to WRONG family who then cremated her

A COUPLE’S stillborn baby was accidentally given to the wrong family who then cremated her without realising the mistake.

Parents Rita and Chris Santorini, from Perth, were shocked to discover the blunder which saw the body of their baby Lily being released to another family.

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The blunder took place at King Edward Memorial Hospital[/caption]

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The devastated couple discovered their daughter had been cremated at Karrakatta cemetery[/caption]

The horrific incident took place at the baby’s funeral at King Edward Memorial Hospital, where she had been delivered in 2017.

The distraught parents realised the body in the coffin was not their daughter’s and later discovered she had been cremated at the Karrakatta cemetery by the family who had received her body.

“Having a stillborn child is devastating but not being able to say goodbye to your child is worse,” Rita Santorini said.

“How can we have closure when we never got the chance to say goodbye?

“I don’t think we will ever get past that.”

The Santorinis are now suing the North Metropolitan Health Service, Pathwest and a Perth funeral company, alleging they are responsible for the error.

The court writs claim that Lily was “misidentified” by one of the three parties and that her body was released to another family without the parents’ knowledge.

The couple is suing for psychological harm, claiming the mistake has left them with constant anxiety, fear of doctors and regular panic attacks.

“I am scared of doctors and anyone in the medical profession.

“I can’t trust them after what we’ve been through, Rita Santorini said.

The couple decided to speak out hoping the same mistake would not happen to another family.

“Lily deserves justice, so we’re trying to find answers for her, and in the process, make sure this never happens to another family, “Rita added.

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The Santorinis are now suing for psychological damage[/caption]

Santorini also revealed she and her husband had been in contact with the family who cremated their daughter Lily.

She told MailOnline: “They are lovely people.

“We met with them about a month after and they gave us photos they had taken of Lily and the mother gave me a candle from the private ceremony they had held to say goodbye to who they thought was their baby.”

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