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Boris Johnson slams yob filmed with lit flare between his buttocks after drink and drugs bender ahead of Euro 2020 final

BORIS Johnson yesterday condemned a yob filmed with a lit flare between his buttocks after a drink and drugs bender ahead of the Euro 2020 final.

The Sun told how Charlie Perry, 25, guzzled 20 cans of cider and “banged a load of powder” before joining gatecrashers dodging shambolic Wembley stadium security.


Boris Johnson slammed Wembley yob Charlie Perry who was filmed with a lit flare between his buttocks[/caption]

Yob Charlie Perry admitted to going on a bender before putting the firework between his bare cheeks

The PM’s official spokesman said Mr Johnson backs cops “taking action” against the yobs.

He added: “We condemn the actions of those who use football as an excuse for violence, ­disorder or anti-social behaviour and intimidated other members of the public and assaulted police officers.”

But he refused to say if he thought Perry should be investigated by cops.

Unapologetic Perry claimed he bribed a steward to get in.

He told The Sun: “I’d been on the p*** since half eight in the morning and had had at least 20 cans of Strongbow.

“It was the biggest day of my life. There were no rules that day.

“All I know is that I loved it all. I was off my face and I loved every minute.”

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