Boris Johnson vows to make Cornwall Britain’s first carbon neutral area

BORIS Johnson will vow to make the West Country Britain’s first carbon neutral area.

The PM unveiled his idea yesterday ahead of the G7 summit in Cornwall.


Boris Johnson plans to make Cornwall the first carbon neutral area in the UK[/caption]

As a cash boost to help the area become Britain’s greenest region was announced, the PM said: “As the eyes of the world look to Cornwall this week, not only will they see an area of outstanding beauty, they will witness a region that is innovative, exciting and looking firmly towards a bright future.

“As the world builds back better from coronavirus, Cornwall will lead the way.”

Mr Johnson wants to persuade other leaders at the summit to follow Britain’s lead and adopt a green recovery plan to decarbonise the globe in less than 30 years post-Covid.

The UK has already set the world’s most ambitious target to slash emissions by 78 per cent by 2035 compared with 1990 levels. And the aim is to be entirely carbon neutral by 2050.


The PM says ‘as the eyes of the world look to Cornwall this week, they will witness a region that is looking firmly towards a bright future’[/caption]


Mr Johnson will meet with US President Joe Biden tomorrow[/caption]

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Mr Johnson will meet US President Joe Biden tomorrow for their first face-to-face chat before meeting the leaders of France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan when the three-day summit starts on Friday.

The leaders and their wives will also visit areas of outstanding beauty in the region and forge a plan on how to roll out Covid jabs for the world’s needy.

Visit Cornwall estimates more than £50million will be injected into the county as a result of hosting the summit and a resulting tourism spin-off.

The Sun says

DOES the PM think his “net zero” revolution will happen by magic?

That his arbitrary deadlines and grand announcements will simply come true? In fact they threaten acute financial pain for millions.

The Sun is campaigning for a greener planet. But it’s all very well Boris declaring, before the G7 summit, that Cornwall will be the first county to hit zero emissions. Have its people been told what that actually means?

Unaffordable battery cars, capable only of short trips. Punitive gas bills. Their reliable central heating stripped out and replaced at their expense.

Do not just impose all this on Britain, PM. You must take voters with you.

And if you make them poorer, expect flak.

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