BT broadband customers might have to thank rival Virgin Media for their next speed upgrade

After all, Virgin Media O2 has seemingly expressed interest in using its vast network to offer wholesale access to rival broadband firms, exactly like BT-owned Openreach. Many companies, like TalkTalk and Sky, do not have their own broadband cables under streets – but instead pay to use Openreach’s network.

With more full-fibre connections ready and waiting, Virgin Media O2 could be a strong alternative for companies who want to offer their customers faster speeds. Sky is believed to be close to signing on the dotted line with Virgin Media O2 – ditching Openreach. While there have been rumours for a few years now, the move of former Virgin Media executive Dana Strong to the head of Sky seemed to seal the deal for most industry watchers.

“Of course we will talk to everybody,” Virgin Media O2 CEO Lutz Schuler told The Daily Telegraph. “My point of view is that in the end you will have two national fibre networks – we will be one of them. So there are five brands out there, only one is using our network, so three are definitely an opportunity.”

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