Caravan owners to be kicked off Edinburgh site and told to 'register as homeless'

A group of caravan owners occupying the King’s Place site had been given six weeks to vacate the Portobello site, which ends next Friday. This means the residents will need to remove their vehicles or face being forcibly removed.

“They keep repeating that they engage with us. But there’s been no effort to provide real help.

“The only ‘option’ they have given us is to register as homeless, chuck our caravan homes away and end up who knows where.

“We offered to pay to stay on this site but they didn’t answer us.

“We’ve looked at caravan parks but the rates there are for holidaymakers, not affordable for everyday living.

“We could tie ourselves to the caravans guerilla style but what sort of life would that be always waiting for police to turn up.

“We just want to live in peace. We’re really grateful to be here,” he told Edinburgh Live.

A council spokesperson said: “We are taking appropriate legal action to remove caravans and owners who are illegally occupying public land.

“We continue to liaise with the caravan occupants about the next steps keeping them up to date on our plans.

“This includes offering support and assistance to help them seek alternative accommodation and positive onward destinations.” have reached out to Edinburgh Council for a further comment.

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