‘Carfluencer’ makes £2.2m a year reviewing super cars for fans who flock to see her posing in Ferraris and Aston Martins

JOURNALIST, Alex Hirshi, quit her day job to become a “carfluencer” with the name “Supercar Blondie” makes millions of pounds a year posting content for petrolheads.

Previously, the motor aficionado was a radio host who started a luxury car social media account as a fun side hustle.


Alex Hirshi quit her day job to become a luxury car influencer[/caption]

The Australian blonde, decided to leave her home of Queensland and move to Dubai in 2008 where she would discuss and review cars on a radio show.

But after ditching the day job to focus on her own supercar content, she’s now one of the most successful ‘carfluencers’ in the world.

With a total audience of 14.3million followers, she can now command in excess of £6,000 for a single post on TikTok.

Car rental website Leasing Options has estimated that her salary from her lucrative brand partnerships earns her £2.2million per year.


The supercar influencer is originally from Australia but moved to Dubai in 2008[/caption]



The 34-year-old earns up to £6,000 for one TikTok post[/caption]

The “Supercar Blondie” uploads high-glam footage and photos of herself with a stream of the most desirable (and expensive) cars on the market.

She’s posted pictures with Ferraris, Aston Martins and Paganis in beautiful backdrops.

Her most popular video on TikTok shows her cruising round in the Rolls Royce 103X concept car, a snazzy self-driving vehicle that doesn’t even have a steering wheel.


Petrolheads flock to her social media pages to see the incredible car she drives[/caption]


Alex has more than 14.3million followers[/caption]


The ‘carfluencer’ earns £2.2million every year[/caption]

She’s also featured on BBC’s Top Gear and has been pictured with someone of the world’s biggest stars like The Fast and Furious’ Vin Diesel and Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad.

In an exclusive interview with Sun Motors in 2019, Alex revealed what it takes to become one of the biggest names in the world of car entertainment.

Starting out in broadcast journalism in her native Brisbane, Australia, it wasn’t until Alex reached her 30’s that her social media career got off the ground.

After taking up a radio job in Dubai hosting a drive show, the car enthusiast started covering track days and reviewing models for Bentley.


Her glamorous lifestyle of beaches and supercars appeals to many of her followers[/caption]


The supercar mega fan quit her job as a radio presenter to focus on social media full time[/caption]


She can often be seen posing with Ferraris and Aston Martins[/caption]

And as her following got bigger, so did the price tag on the vehicles she drove.

Alex told Sun Motors: “I just started uploading my experience of driving these cars for the first time. Bentley gave me a few more cars, I did a few more videos.

“Then I started trying to grow it into something bigger, so I knocked on a few doors with Ferrari, McLaren etc, and it just went from there creating videos.

“At the time, no one was doing what I was. There were a lot of car experts talking about cars, but not many people just making cars relatable and making them fun again.


Petrolheads flock to her social media channels to view the incredible cars she test drives[/caption]


The Australian luxe-car fan used to be a radio presenter[/caption]


Previously her social media was just a fun side-hustle along with her day job[/caption]

“So I just wanted to make my videos enjoyable and point out a few cool things that everyone would find interesting.”

With easy-to-digest content, Alex – along with husband and videographer Nik – has been able to break outside of the traditional petrolhead niche, growing her audience across different age groups and nationalities, and appealing to both men and women.

She said: “The general population isn’t interested in the nitty-gritty of cars.


The influencer now rakes in £2.2 million a year driving spectacular cars and posting about the for fans[/caption]


‘Supercar Blondie’ is living her best life with her husband in Dubai[/caption]


She has also featured on Top Gear and has met many big celebrities[/caption]


She is now one of the most successful ‘carfluencers’ in the world[/caption]

“We try to have as little dialogue in the videos as possible. I want to try to have as many people as possible interested in my content, so it needs to go across language barriers.

“I use comedy to draw people into the motors and focus on being as visual as possible.

“What people are going to see on my platform is cars from a different perspective – so that I’m still speaking the same language to the general public. I don’t ever want to get too technical.”

Want to know more? Inside the high-octane life of YouTube stunner “Supercar Blondie” – brushing shoulders with celebrities and reshaping motoring entertainment.

Plus did you see that Alex’s husband surprised her with a brand new Ferrari filled with 1,000 red roses saying he wanted to “blow her mind”.

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