Caring frog appears to hug pal as they shelter from the rain under a flower

BEING frog friends is often a big Kermit-ment — but not for these two pals pictured sheltering from rain under a flower.

And amphibious fun doesn’t stop there for photographer Ajar Setiadi.


A caring frog appears to hug a pal close as they shelter from the rain[/caption]


Another croaker channelled Princess Leia as he posed with two snails on his head[/caption]

He snapped another croaker using two snails to do its best impression of Star Wars’ Princess Leia — complete with bun hairdo.

Ajar, from Indonesia, gets up early to take snaps, to get the jump on the wildlife.


Ajar Setiadi is a pro at wildlife photography[/caption]


He spends hours waiting for the perfect moment – like this image of an eagle eating a snake[/caption]


He snapped two birds battling it out in the air[/caption]

He said: “From 7am until 10pm is the best for natural light. Animals usually feed in the morning so that is a perfect time to take photos.

“Indonesia is the best place to take photos I think.

“I have been to Cape Point in South Africa and Costa Rica to take pictures too.”

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