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Carol Kirkwood: 'It'll break my heart' BBC weather star talks life behind the scenes

BBC Breakfast star Carol Kirkwood, 57, and Bill Turnbull, 64, recently caught up for a candid chat, as the pair discussed their beloved pets. The weather forecaster talked about her cat Donald and added she hopes “he’ll be around for a long time”.

The meteorologist is a well known cat-lover and is the proud owner of a tabby feline, who has reached the grand old age of 19.

As the pair chatted about their pets, talk turned to Carol’s loss of her beloved Angus, who went missing some years ago.

Bill mused: “It’s a bit of a cruelty we place on pets sometimes that we leave them in solitary confinement pretty much, for large portions of their life.”

Carol replied: “Yes, that’s a good point. When Donald and Angus moved in with us, it was like the M25. Because they would zoom right past you and zoom in the other direction.

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Carol continued: “As I mentioned he’s 19. So he’s set in his ways and a new kitten, well it could go both ways. It could get disruptive and upset his territory or it could give him a new lease of life. I don’t know.”

Bill commented: “But 19 is a very good age for a cat, isn’t it? Brilliant age.”

“Yes, but I hope that he’ll be around for a long time yet. It will break my heart when he’s not here,” she mused.

He chimed: “We shan’t think about that Kirky. We won’t think about that at all.”


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