Cheeky bride asks strangers to fund her wedding by branding her PayPal details on her CAR

SOME couples splash the cash on a wedding and some choose to pull off their wedding on a small budget – but this bride had a different tactic.

A bride-to-be was spotted driving around with her PayPal account number written all over her car, asking people to donate money to her wedding fund.


The car was seen cruising around with the bride’s PayPal details on it[/caption]

Asking strangers to fund her wedding didn’t seem to bother her, but when a photo of the car was posted on Reddit – people didn’t seem to see the bride’s ingenuity.

The bride was branded “trashy” and “tacky” for her fundraising attempt.

One Reddit user even described seeing not only that car, but another car scrolled in the same writing driving around just miles apart.

Another person commented: “If you think it’s tacky for people to post on Facebook asking for donations for their wedding, you can’t think this is cute or funny. It’s the exact same thing.”


The idea divided Reddit users, with some saying the idea was ‘tacky’[/caption]

Someone else said that it the gesture may have been asked in the wrong way.

They wrote: “If a bride made a Facebook status like “heading out for my bachelorette party with my girls!!! Here’s my cashapp if you wanna buy the bride a drink!” That would be harmless. I don’t think I’d do it, but I see it just as someone having a good time. That’s what this car is doing.”

But not everyone thought the idea was tacky and tried to see the brighter side of the situation.

One person said: “I don’t think that’s really trashy. If I saw that, I might want to send a little money to the expecting bride for a drink on me.”

Other people in the thread said the idea was an unsafe thing to do.

Another person wrote: “I guess if they want to be hacked that’s the way to do it!”

Reddit seemed to be divided over the bride’s bold move, but did it pay off?

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