Cleaning fanatics are using fabric softener to freshen up old sofas and it makes your house smell amazing too

PEOPLE are trying to find innovative ways to get their home looking and smelling as fresh as possible.

One TikTok account, @householdlove0, shared the hack that will spruce up your sofa and skirting boards instantly – and keep them fresher for longer.


Just take your fabric softener of choice[/caption]

All you need is your favourite fabric softener and some boiling water.

Simply add a cap-full of fabric softener into a bowl and top it up with boiling water, so the softener is diluted.

Use a sponge and rub the diluted fabric conditioner on your sofa, chairs and those stubborn skirting boards.

Just be sure to thoroughly squeeze your sponge or cloth out so the sofa fabric doesn’t get too wet.


Dilute the fabric softener with boiling water to make a little into a lot[/caption]


Make sure your sponge or cloth isn’t too wet[/caption]

Cleaning fans flocked into the comments to praise the hack, with some suggesting their own methods.

One person wrote: “I put mine in an empty spray bottle, dilute it with some water. Spray it on everything, sofa, curtains, bedding etc. it’s great.”

Another said: “Always clean my sofas with this.”

The video has been viewed over 174,600 times and amassed over 3,500 likes.

One user pointed out: “Make sure to dilute enough if you have pets with sensitive skin.”

This simple hack will leave your house smelling unbelievably fresh and it won’t cost a fortune.

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