Coronation Street fans convinced Fiz will be dealt devastating blow as war with Tyrone reaches new low

CORONATION Street fans are convinced Tyrone Dobbs will take Ruby from ex Fiz Stape after she tried to ban him from seeing his daughter.

The former couple share their two children though in fact they are both step-parents to the other’s respective daughters.

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Tyrone will take daughter Ruby away from Fiz say viewers[/caption]

Ruby is Tyrone’s daughter with abusive ex Kirsty, and Hope is Fiz’s daughter with serial killer John Stape.

The second hand furniture flogger – who is played by actress Jennie McAlpine in the ITV soap – decided that she would ban her ex from seeing his kids after daughter Hope tried to get knocked over.

Troubled Hope resorted to her old behaviour by running out in front of a car while walking with Alina and lying about why.

Coronation Street fans are appalled by Fiz Stape’s decision to stop Tyrone Dobbs from seeing his kids

Fiz decided it was reason enough to ban Tyrone from seeing the kids and went to tell him – leaving him horrified.

Following her home and storming into the house, Tyrone told his ex: “I’m not a joke and you can’t keep my kids away from me. 

“I’m serious. Did you know about nan, eh, she reckons I can’t see the girls. They’re not in danger. I want to see the girls, you can’t stop me.”

Fiz has decided to take legal action
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But Fiz insisted: “I can and I will. Hope and Ruby are safe with me.”

However, Tyrone pointed out that Fiz can’t keep Ruby from him – as she’s not her mother.

“Ruby’s my daughter not yours,” he said.

Regretful, Tyrone immediately apologised and begged Fiz to reconsider.

Fiz has decided to get help from Adam

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But when she refused, he fought fire with fire and told her: “This isn’t the end of it – you don’t get to decide whether I see my kids or not.”

Later Evelyn was forced to step in to tell Tyrone to grow up and talk Fiz down –  but it was all for nothing.

Having seen that Tyrone had taken some money from the joint account

Storming up to Adam, she said: “He’s playing dirty now so I am and all. 

Adam has told her she needs to be careful

“I need something legally binding that says he can’t take the girls off me. 

“He’s already said I’m not Ruby’s mum, I can’t let him have them.”

She added: “Please Adam those girls are everything to me. 

“He’s already proved that he doesn’t give a monkey’s about them – if he did he wouldn’t have left.

“I need your help. I’ll do whatever it takes to stop Tyrone.”

Fans are convinced Tyrone will now take his daughter away from Fiz.

One wrote: “Ruby is your daughter Tyrone. And so is that house. So kick them two awful women out and reclaim it back #Corrie.”

A second said: “Tyrone just needs to go get Ruby, and leave Fiz and Hope to it.”

Another added: “Fizz and Tyrone aren’t married and Ruby is his child, so she should be living with him…..#Corrie”

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