Coronation Street fans in shock as Rita Tanner has Sharon Bentley arrested over drugs gang scheming

CORONATION Street fans are in shock after Rita Tanner had Sharon Bentley arrested for being part of the drugs gang.

The newsagent – who is played by actress Barbara Knox in the ITV soap – was left shocked when Sharon turned up in her flat tonight having been badly beaten by Harvey’s henchman.


Rita made a tough decision to have Sharon arrested on tonight’s Corrie[/caption]

She begged Rita for help – and asked for the £10,000 she had given her back to fund a new life elsewhere safe from Harvey’s revenge.

Rita disappeared into her bedroom to speak to the bank to arrange the transfer of the money Sharon needed.

Offering Sharon a vodka and tonic, she played for time, telling her: “I don’t know why I’m celebrating – I’m ten grand down.”

But as Sharon began to hope she could escape justice for her part in Harvey’s sickening plan – Jenny Connor turned up.


Sharon was seen trying to flee the cops[/caption]

Letting herself into Rita’s to check she was OK, Jenny was horrified and shouted: “She’s evil – you do know that, don’t you?

“I knew it, I knew something was going on. Why would you want her here? You could get into trouble for harbouring a wanted criminal.”

However as Jenny raged, it became clear that Rita was turning Sharon in – as sirens sounded and got nearer and nearer.


The cops caught up with her and she was arrested[/caption]

Devastated, Sharon made a run for it but she was cut off at every turn.

The police arrested her under suspicion of supplying class A drugs and took her in.

And now fans can’t wait for Sharon to turn on her nephew – and put him away for good.

As long as Harvey doesn’t have her killed. 

One wrote: “YES Sharon’s finally been arrested but can Rita ever forgive herself?”

A second said: “Well done Rita. She’s made a fool of you one too many times!”

Another added: “Yes Rita! And thank God that Police cut her off. I wasn’t in the mood for long speech!”

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