Coronation Street spoilers: Alina Pop heartbroken as she discovers awful truth about Tyrone Dobbs and ex Kirsty

ALINA Pop discovers the awful truth about Tyrone Dobbs and his abusive ex Kirsty next week in Coronation Street. 

Kirsty – who is revealed to have died off-screen this week in the ITV soap – abused Tyrone during their relationship shortly after giving birth to their child, Ruby. 

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Tyrone discovers Alina is pregnant with his baby
Alina confronts Tyrone for not telling him about Kirsty’s abuse

Corrie viewers know that Tyrone hasn’t told Alina, who he recently left his wife Fiz for, about his history with Kirsty. 

Next week, Tyrone continues to avoid the topic with Alina and is grateful when Fiz helps him organise Kirsty’s funeral.

Fiz also helps Tyrone explain to Ruby that her mum has died.

Meanwhile, Alina hides her concerns that she might be pregnant. 

When she hears about Tyrone’s past with Kirsty at the factory, she’s shocked and hurt that he didn’t tell her. 

Fiz agrees to sort joint custody and Tyrone fails to tell her about Alina's pregnancy
Tyrone fails to tell Fiz that Alina is pregnant

When she confronts Tyrone, demanding to know why he kept the abuse a secret from her, she blurts out that she’s pregnant.

Tyrone doesn’t react well and leaves, prioritising his meeting at the undertakers.

As he struggles to concentrate on the funeral arrangements, Fiz assures him that she’s happy to sort joint custody.

Meanwhile, Evelyn realises that Alina must be pregnant when she cottons onto her nausea.

Later in the week, Alina tells Tyrone her morning sickness is too bad to attend Kirsty’s funeral.

At the funeral, Tyrone fails to tell Fiz about Alina’s pregnancy.

Is he having doubts about Alina?

And will Fiz still agree to joint custody if she discovers the pregnancy?

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