Coronation Street spoilers: Carla Connor begs Nina Lucas to stop drinking as she spirals out of control

CARLA Connor comes to Nina Lucas’ rescue next week in Coronation Street as her drinking spirals out of control. 

Nina is struggling to cope after her boyfriend Seb was kicked to death in a hate crime against them both because she was dressed as a goth.

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Asha tapes Nina’s graphic novel back together after she rips it to shreds[/caption]

Viewers know that Nina has been blaming herself for the tragic incident and even cast aside her goth clothes after the attack. 

Next week, Nina staggers home after spending the night in the ginnel. 

When Roy suggests spending some time working on her graphic novel, Nina rips it to shred and announces it’s a pile of rubbish. 


Carla warns Nina that drinking won’t solve her problems[/caption]

Nina gets drunk with Daisy at the bistro

Asha and Roy tape it back together and post photos on her instagram but Nina is furious with them for going behind her back. 

Later, Nina tries to steal another bottle of alcohol from the corner shop, but Carla stops her in her tracks and tells her drinking won’t sort any of her problems. 

Roy worries about Nina

Nina joins Daisy and Noah in the bistro and ends up flirting with Noah. 

When Daisy eventually sees Nina home, Roy is worried sick when she jumps into a taxi and disappears. 

Speaking about the aftermath of the hate crime attack, Corrie boss Iain MacLeod recently teased: “It draws in lots of different families and in the best tradition of Coronation Street storytelling pits neighbour against neighbour and in some cases husband against spouse, all of those interesting areas of conflict.

“It becomes partly about class going forward, I mean I can’t say too much about that but in terms of how the criminal investigation unfolds it becomes about class and background and privilege.”

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