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Daily horoscope for July 12: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Mercury goes direct and the dam breaks as another week ends. The truth will out and it will most likely hurt for horoscope.

Asteroid Chiron and Mercury are stationing back to back this Sunday.

And the Moon and Mars are meanwhile in Aries.

Astrologers agree there is consequently enough rough-and-ready energy in the sky to provide a much-needed boost.

The fiery planet Mercury will take a while to stabilise his course.

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The Sun trines Neptune in Pisces, master of romance, creativity, illusion and dreams.

Neptune turned retrograde only ten days ago and only now can you begin to make sense of what that means.

You are likely now ready to begin paving the way for your dreams.

Your dreams are calling to you – let them draw you in like a siren.


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