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Daisy May Cooper married: Is Celebrity Gogglebox star Daisy May Cooper married?


Daisy May Cooper and her father Paul were just a couple of the new faces that joined the popular TV analysis show last night. Fans of the actress welcomed her appearance on social media but who is the new Celebrity Gogglebox star married to?

Is Daisy May Cooper married?

Daisy and her long term partner Will Weston married in September last year.

Earlier this year, while talking to Stylist magazine, Daisy gave an insight into her relationship with her husband Will.

While talking about dealing with the financial side of fame, Daisy said: “At the beginning, it did feel like I was rolling in lots of money because I was spending it all and not putting any money away for my tax.

This Country season 4: Will there be another series?

Daisy and brother Charlie rose to fame back in 2017 for their BBC Three series This Country.

Daisy has previously revealed that at the time she wrote the show, she worked as a cleaner to help them get by.

While appearing on Lorraine in March, Daisy said: “It was such a bleak time because I’d just come out of drama school and I thought I’d get loads of auditions and I got none.

“I got a cleaning job paying about £100 a month, and we thought we had to write something because humour was the only thing getting us through.

“Even finding the £9 for auditions on National Express was tough. A lot of it is based on experiences that we’ve had.

“When they were talking about not being able to afford a McDonald’s and watching their friends eating it, that was us.”


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