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Dan Walker: 'Louise thinks I’m weird' BBC host on how he deals with social media backlash


While Dan is learning to live unaffected in the public eye, his on-air sofa partner decided to get rid of social media for that very reason.

Writing in Cheshire Life magazine, she opened up about her reasons behind her decision: “You might think I am oversensitive (I probably am), and need to grow a thicker skin (I probably do), but the truth is I can read a hundred nice comments about me but it will be the nasty one I will remember, try as I might to shrug it off.

“Recently the level of acrimony on social media reached unnerving levels, with people constantly shouting at each other, whipping up outrage and throwing around wild assumptions.

She stated: “I realised, I had had enough of reading it and being drawn into the cycle of negativity.”


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