Dani Dyer’s boyfriend Sammy Kimmence apologises in grovelling letter for being an ‘awful human being’ over £34k OAP scam

DANI Dyer’s conman boyfriend has apologised for being an “awful human being” after he scammed two pensioners out of £34,000.

In a grovelling letter, Sammy Kimmence claimed to be a “completely different person” who was “driven by ego” when he targeted his elderly victims – and he is now “truly sorry”.


Dani Dyer’s boyfriend has been sentenced to 42 months in prison[/caption]

Hampshire Constabulary

Sammy Kimmence scammed two pensioners out of £34,000[/caption]

The 25-year-old posed as a financial investor to defraud the two men, aged 80 and 90, out of their hard-earned cash.

He splashed it on paying off his overdraft, a hotel stay in Ibiza, restaurant bills and clothes, prosecutors said.

Kimmence pleaded guilty to four counts of fraud against Peter Martin, of Havant, Hampshire, totalling nearly £26,000, as well as a fifth charge against Peter Haynes, 81, from Okehampton, Devon, of £7,927.

Today, he wept in the dock as he was sentenced to 42 months behind bars.

Kimmence’s letter, which was read out in court, said: “I would like to begin by apologising firstly for even having to write this letter to you.

“The crime I committed years ago was totally unacceptable and I take full responsibility for my actions which have led me to where I am now.

“When these crimes were committed, I was a completely different person, I was a youngster, driven by ego, opinions and looking like something I wasn’t.

“I looked up to people who I believed were successful which in reality they were far from it [sic].”


He continued by saying that “nothing will ever justify my actions” but he has “come a long way” since then.

“I cannot erase the memory of how much of an awful human being I was, I can only learn from it which I feel like I have done over the years,” the letter added.

“I understand the impact that my actions have had, not only financially but emotionally, and the detriment that this has had on both Mr Haynes and Mr Martin and their families as well.”

Kimmence, who welcomed son Santiago with Love Island star Dani in January, finished the letter by drawing on his experience as a father.

He said: “Recently becoming a father myself, I now realise how much of an impact this can have not only one person [sic] but a family unit as a whole and I am ashamed to have put those families through everything that I have. For this, I am truly sorry.

“I have since been saving up money in order to repay all the monies lost to both Mr Haynes and Mr Martin, which I fully intend to do.”

I cannot erase the memory of how much of an awful human being I was, I can only learn from it which I feel like I have done over the years.

Sammy Kimmence

Sleazy Sammy, a stockbroker and amateur football player, persuaded his victims to allow him to invest their money for them.

They were clients at legitimate investment company Equine Global Sports Limited, where Kimmence worked as a senior trader.

The company received money from customers which it would use to place bets on horse races on their behalf.

But Portsmouth Crown Court heard Kimmence took the clients on when the business went into liquidation, falsely claiming he was authorised to provide financial services.

One victim was left “living on the breadline” after the dodgy dealer splashed the cash in nightclubs and on a personalised number plate for his Mercedes.

The slimy defendant initially denied all charges – but changed his plea at the last minute and sobbed as he was jailed.

Sentencing Kimmence, Judge Timothy Mousley QC said the fraud had been an “abuse of trust”, particularly against Mr Martin who considered the defendant to be his pal.


Mr Martin died in November last year aged 91, while Mr Haynes suffers from Alzheimer’s.

Prosecutor Mike Mason said: “This was a very unpleasant fraud against two men who Mr Kimmence deliberately targeted.

“He targeted them because they were old, they were vulnerable and somewhat isolated.

“This wasn’t something he migrated into from a friendship. This was something he planned.”

The court heard Kimmence travelled to visit Mr Haynes and Mr Martin at their homes several times as he “groomed them”.

Documents sent to the victims by Kimmence included fake company names and an “entirely fabricated” Gambling Commission number.

These were riddled with errors, including “miscalculated balances” and a misspelling of Kimmence’s own name.

Kimmence convinced Mr Martin to give him his internet banking password, credit card and bank card.

Mr Mason said: “In other words, he ceded financial control to Mr Kimmence. It is akin to the fox getting a key to the chicken pen.

“Mr Martin considered him a friend right up until he died, which tells us a little about the energy he put in to grooming these old men.”

I have been sick with worry at my situation and have lost a lot of weight from stress and worry.

Kimmence's victim

Mr Haynes, who had a career in the RAF before his retirement, said in a statement: “In one go all the savings I have accrued over my working life were wiped out. My bank account shows zero.

“I have been sick with worry at my situation and have lost a lot of weight from stress and worry.

“It is no exaggeration to say I was left living on the breadline because of his actions and dishonesty.”

Craig Harris, defending Kimmence, said: “He was living above his means.

“He found himself surrounded by what he perceived to be the glitz and glamour of the City and financial services workers and they would take him out to Club 195, nightclubs, and well-regarded bar establishments.

“And when the time came for him to show willingness to engage in this type of frivolity, he did.”

The court also heard that Kimmence would indulge in alcohol and cocaine.

Dani, who played no part in the fraud, did not appear at her boyfriend’s side as he arrived at court today.

The couple live a lavish lifestyle, sharing a £725k home in Essex, and posting about trips to Ibiza and expensive spa days on social media.


Sammy Kimmence and Dani Dyer at a charity gala in 2019[/caption]


The couple welcomed their son Santiago into the world in January[/caption]

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