Daniel Cormier rubbishes Paulo Costa's claim he was drunk before UFC 253 fight

‘It’s an absolute joke’: Daniel Cormier rubbishes Paulo Costa’s claim that he lost UFC 253 bout with Israel Adesanya because he was drunk as former heavyweight champion labels it the ‘dumbest’ excuse ever

  • Paulo Costa was soundly beaten by Israel Adesanya in Abu Dhabi at UFC 253
  • The Brazilian has since claimed that he was drunk when he entered the octagon 
  • Commentator and former fighter Daniel Cormier has ridiculed his excuse 

Daniel Cromier has ridiculed Paulo Costa for his explanation over his UFC 253 defeat at the hands of Israel Adesanya.

Costa was soundly beaten inside two rounds back in September when the two came up against each other in Abu Dhabi.

Having had time to dwell on his loss, the Brazilian shared details of his preparation for the fight on his Youtube channel, claiming he drank a whole bottle of wine in a bid to get to sleep beforehand.

Paulo Costa was soundly beaten during his UFC 253 bout with Nigerian Israel Adesanya

Paulo Costa was soundly beaten during his UFC 253 bout with Nigerian Israel Adesanya

The reception to the news has been skeptical, and that view was reinforced by former heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, who rubbished the story.

‘It’s a joke, it’s an absolute joke,’ Cormier said on his ESPN show. 

‘He’s out of his mind. This dude Paulo Costa is gonna kill me when he sees me. 

Daniel Cormier has described Costa's claims as one of the 'dumbest' excuses he had heard

Daniel Cormier has described Costa’s claims as one of the ‘dumbest’ excuses he had heard 

‘He legitimately says some of the dumbest stuff I’ve ever heard in my entire life. I don’t know who is advising this young man. 

‘This is the stuff you say after, “Oh man I got drunk,” because you didn’t have time to think of an excuse. 

‘It took you six months to come up with “you got drunk, you drank too much wine”… who told him to put that out there?’


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