DEAL OF THE DAY: Save up to 40% on Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky

The other two, which are both twists on the original – one from Lowlands region of Scotland and the other from the Speyside region of Scotland – both have a £10.44 discount, bringing them down to £34.56.

Although the latter two bottles are technically more expensive, they both come in a one-litre bottle, whereas the original only comes as 700ml.

If you’ve never tried Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky before, the taste is like a fusion of rich and fruity flavours, as well as creamy vanilla and clove with a slightly smoky finish.

The flavour is truly unique and makes a delicious addition to cocktails who prefer spirits that aren’t overly sweet.

You may be a little tentative to buy a whole bottle of whisky if you’ve never tried it before, as it’s not as popular as gin or vodka for home bars – but this doesn’t mean it’s not widely loved, as indicated by the 3,000 5-star reviews on Amazon.

The Speyside and Lowlands iterations of the whisky both embody the flavours from those regions and allow the drinker to discover the individual signature flavours of Johnnie Walker Black Label, perfect for seasoned Whisky lovers who are looking to try something new.

A simple cocktail recipe Johnnie Walker recommends that would be perfect for a sunny summer’s day is pouring the whisky over ice, with a slice of orange and some refreshing ginger ale, or alternatively, just combining it with a splash of soda water if you’re after something really simple.

You can take a look at the Johnnie Walker sale on Amazon here.

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