Death in Paradise boss drops cryptic clue over the return of former detective

EXECUTIVE producer of Death in Paradise Tim Key has dropped clues over the return of the show to our TV screens next year.

Four years after lead detective Humphrey, played by Kris Marshall, made his exit from the show, fans are eagerly waiting to find out whether or not he will return.


Fans are speculating whether or not Humphrey will make a return[/caption]

With Marshall depicting the iconic character from 2014 to 2017, predecessor DI Neville Parker (Ralf Little) was left manning the charge in Saint Marie.

But Humphrey could be set to make a comeback on the BBC show, and take back over from DI Jack Mooney, played by Ardal O’Hanlon.

Executive producer Tim Key addressed the rumours of the drama’s return next year, and speculated who would be fronting the detective team.

Speaking to the Express, he said of the upcoming series: “We’re so excited to be back in Guadeloupe and calling ‘action’ on our 11th series.”

Red Planet Productions

Kris Marshall departed from the show in 2017[/caption]

He also “welcomed” new cast member Shantol Jackson, who will play Sergeant Naomi Thomas, and hailed her an “amazing addition”.

“We also can’t wait to share some huge surprises we’ve got in store – after the success of our 10th anniversary,” Tim further detailed.

“We’ve set the bar pretty high, so we’re pulling out all the stops to make this our best series yet,” the show boss concluded.

Not giving anything further away, the blurb for the upcoming episode reads: “Could the return of familiar faces to the island cause trouble in paradise?”


Shantol Jackson has joined the cast for the new series[/caption]

Humphrey could be a likely candidate as the first-ever detective to grace Sant Marie’s shores, while DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller) already returned in season ten.

It coincided with his partner in crime, Camille Bordey – played by Sara Martins – making a comeback to help with a case.

Other cast members making a permanent fixture in the island of Guadeoupe included Josephine Jobert, who plays Florence Cassell.

Florence and Humphrey worked together before he moved back to London and became quite close outside of work.

BBC/Red Planet/Philip Volkers

Fans are unsure as to which detective will be taking the series by storm[/caption]

In the upcoming season, it’s been teased that Neville will make his feelings clearer to Florence having built up a strong bond in the previous series.

It is worth speculating that this confession would see Humphrey walking back into the picture and turning everything on its head.

Executive producer Tim previously spoke out about whether a return for Humphrey would ever be on the cards.

He said: “Never say never but – yeah, that’s all I’d say I’m trying to be all mysterious like it’s some big… I wouldn’t rule anything out.

Fans have shared their hopes for Humphrey to return

“The joyous thing is that we do genuinely all stay in touch and I’m in touch with Kris quite often as well.

“And I think that because they’ve got such affection for the show we wouldn’t rule anything out if there was a good story to tell. Who knows,” he told Radio Times.

Fans are keen to see Humphrey make a reappearance, and took to Twitter recently to share their approval.

“I’m nearly finished with series 6 of #DeathInParadise. Humphrey’s not got many episodes left. Love him,” one posted.

Another said: “Okay I admit, Neville’s grown on me! I still miss Humphrey though.”

“It will be wonderful if Death In Paradise could a special with Neville, Humphrey, Jack and somehow Poole solving a case together #DeathInParadise,” a fourth wrote.

Death in Paradise is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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