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Death In Paradise’s Josephine speaks out on 'tough' home life decision 'My mind is numb'

Death In Paradise star Josephine Jobert, 35, who plays DS Florence Cassell, took to Instagram to tell her followers her “mind is numb” after hours searching the internet for interior design ideas. The actress said she had been awake until the early hours of the morning looking for inspiration and was yet to choose any items. In view of her 72,000 followers, she said on her Instagram Story: “I’ve been looking for furnitures and decorations for my apartment since yesterday afternoon.”

Josephine went on to say she finally had to time to concentrate on decorating her apartment after arriving home from Guadeloupe, where they film Death In Paradise.

She went on to say: “The renovations ended before I left to film Guadeloupe so I did not have time to take care of it. How do people do?”

“I am fascinated by all the interior decorators. I know it’s their job but congrats guys cause it’s tough!

“There are so many websites, prices, options, beautiful things.

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Ahead of the episode being aired, she went on to explain: “Basically, in the scene Florence was touching… grabbing a crab for some reason.

“It’s even worse it’s like a nightmare so I did the scene and I was decomposed, gone, dead inside.”

The Florence Cassell star added it took her a “few weeks” to come round to the idea after producers suggested changing the script.

“I thought, you know what? It’s a challenge. If Florence can do it, I can do it and I wanna do it for the show,” she continued.

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