DIY fanatics share the simple ways they make IKEA buys look more expensive – including a genius mirror tip

AFTER the iconic meatballs and the inspirational showrooms, our next favourite thing about IKEA is their budget-friendly prices.

But while this is certainly a blessing for our bank balance, it also means you’re more than likely to have the same coffee table, curtains and/or bed as all your mates.


DIY fans have been sharing the easy way they’ve upgraded their IKEA furniture[/caption]

Sound familiar? Then you might want to take notes from these savvy DIY fans who have been sharing their epic IKEA furniture transformations on TikTok.

And not only are these interior hacks super easy to do, they’re also guaranteed to make the items look instantly more luxe.

Chic Basket Coffee Table

As much as we love rattan, there’s no denying that this is one of the more expensive interior trends to take Instagram by storm recently – and a coffee table can easily set you back hundreds.


Ryan demonstrated how this chic basket can easily turn into a coffee table[/caption]


They outlined the top of the basket and glued it to a wooden board[/caption]

Enter TikTok star Ryan – who recently revealed how she turned a £25 basket into a chic side table.

In a viral video which has racked up over 42,000 “likes”, Ryan started by removing the handles and placing it upside down on a piece of wood.

After they measured it to make sure it was perfectly centre, they drew the outline of the basket in pencil on the bottom.

Next, they flipped the basket over, applied glue to the top and then placed it over the outline and weighing it down with heavy items to set for 24 hours.

They weighed it down for 24 hours before styling it with a candle, plant and vase

The basket is just £25 from IKEA[/caption]

  • SNIDAD Rattan Basket, £25 from IKEA – buy now

Once it had dried for 24 hours, Ryan styled the new coffee table with candles, plants and finished off with a trendy black matte vase.

Stylish Kallax Makeover


Everyone and their mother owns an IKEA Kallax shelf[/caption]


Charlotte Greedy gave it a makeover with these geometric stencils[/caption]

Even if you don’t own a Kallax shelf yourself, chances are you’ll know someone who does.

The £45 unit is part of IKEA’s core collection and no matter how you style it, they all pretty much look the same… or so we thought.

TikTok user Charlotte Greedy really pushed the boat out when she managed to turn an otherwise boring shelf into a stunning sideboard.

Sharing her process in a viral video, the DIY fan started by adding white legs to her plan Kallax unit.


She stuck these stencils to the front of the drawers[/caption]


The Kallax unit is part of Ikea’s core collection[/caption]

  • Kallax Shelving Unit, £45 from IKEA – buy now

She then glued some stencils – which she bought from Lux Hax – onto the front of her drawers to give it a trendy geometric finish.

And just like that, the otherwise boring piece of furniture turned into a statement centrepiece for the room – which Charlotte used to style her trinkets and silver lamps on.

Think Pink


The IVAR cabinet is plain and wooden[/caption]


Becca Larkin gave it a makeover with some pink paint and half-dowels[/caption]

A wooden cabinet is never going to be the most exciting piece of furniture you own – but DIY fan Becca Larkin has showed us how to make it really pop.

Earlier this year, Becca demonstrated how you transformed the £45 Ivar cabinet into a millennial pink dream.

Walking her followers through every step, Becca started by gluing on some half-dowels to add texture.

Showing just how easy it is to do, she then sanded them down and went in with the pink paint.


She glued the moulding to give it some texutre[/caption]


She finished off with pink paint[/caption]


The cabinets cost £45[/caption]

  • Ivar Cabinet, £45 from IKEA – buy now

Sharing the finished results in all its glory, Becca wrote: “Add a little bit of SPICE”

Mirror on the Wall

If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful selection of mirrors, you can’t go wrong with Ikea.


Sue created an outline in tape and painted it black[/caption]


She then filled it with IKEA’s stick-on mirrors[/caption]

But while we’ve always just dotted the mini square mirrors in empty spaces in bathrooms and bedrooms, thrifty mum Sue Mountford has showed us how to make a statement one on a shoestring.

Walking her followers through the process in a viral TikTok, Sue began by creating the outline of a rectangle in her living room with tape.

Next, she filled it in with a £1.79 roll-on Dulux black sample paint.

Once she’d completed this step, she filled the space with 12 of the cheap mirrors – which cost £4 a pack.


It created a trendy crittall effect[/caption]


A pack of four mirrors are £7[/caption]

  • Lots Mirrors, £7 for four from IKEA – buy now

Thanks to the black paint underneath, Sue’s DIY trick created a chic crittall effect which is all over our social media feeds right now.

And if that wasn’t enough to convince us to give it a go, the fact that it only cost £21 in total sure is.

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