DIY: Mum shares how she transformed her dated kitchen into a stunning space for just £100

Surrey Mum Becky Lane, who is also the woman behind the DIY interiors Instagram account @21oakham, managed to transform her dated kitchen into a dream space. Becky told Tap Warehouse how she managed to transform the dingy kitchen for just £100 using paint, handles and spray paint. She said she spent most of her budget on paint but that there were a few finishing touches too.

The homeowner explained: “I bought four pots of Wilkinson chalk furniture paint (£10 each) as I wanted a matte finish instead of satin or gloss. I painted the tiles in Ronseal tile paint for £10 and then used a varnish over the top for £9.

“For the floor, I used an extreme power cleaner with a drill brush scrubbing set which I already owned from another project.

“Then for finishing touches, door handles which are £14 from eBay and spray paint costing £15.”

Becky said the project took her a weekend and a few evenings in the week to complete.

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“Next, I did all the wall panelling and units, the first coat taking the longest as my unit doors had grooves.”

Becky said she noticed the wall panelling soaked up a lot of paint.

If you don’t have panelling, Becky said you would need less paint which would cost you even less money.

She continued: “After this, we did a two-coat all over and varnished the tiles to harden the finish.

“While everything was drying, I started to clean the tiles.

“I spent about four hours straight on them and could have easily spent days on them, but I got them to a clean level.

“Once all the paint was set, we were left with a silver steel sink which didn’t go at all with the gold fixtures.”

Becky decided to spray paint the sideboard and surround white while leaving the basin the same colour.

“I was worried the paint may chip away due to use,” she added.

“Then the final job was adding the new gold handles which also help with finishing the full look.“

Becky has added white vases, pampas grass and a green trailing plant as finishing touches.

She has also used wicker baskets for storage on top of her cabinets.

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