Dog plunges over 515ft cliff and owner has to be rescued when he climbs after it

A DOG plunged over a 515ft cliff — and its owner had to be rescued when he climbed after it.

Laney, a whippet-American Bulldog cross, was being walked along a coastal path off her lead when she spotted an animal and gave chase.


Laney, a whippet-American Bulldog cross, after being rescued following cliff plunge[/caption]

©Graham Hunt

Where Laney fell and her own Andrew Hetherington got stuck while attempting to rescue her[/caption]

The four-year-old fell off a near-sheer drop, on to a ledge 150ft below.

Owner Andrew Hetherington walked 2.5 miles to get to the beach and started climbing to reach her but got stuck 30ft up.

A fire rescue crew went to him while a coastguard cliff team went over the edge to get to Laney, on Tuesday at Eype, Dorset.

Andrew, in his fifties, thanked them, saying: “Seeing Laney go off the cliff was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Terry Hoare, of Beer Coastguard, said Laney was ‘very lucky’ to survive the sheer drop.

He said: “Laney was off her lead and must have seen something and chased after it over the cliff edge.

“It is a 150ft near-enough sheer drop to the plateau where she landed so she was very lucky to survive.

A Lyme Regis Coastguard spokesperson said: “We urge people to keep their dogs on a lead when walking on the coast path.

“They should also not be tempted to try and rescue the pet themselves.”


Rescuers said Laney was ‘very lucky’ to survive the sheer drop[/caption]

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