Duck Dynasty’s Kay Robertson hospitalized after suffering dog bite in scary attack that left ‘chunk ripped off her lip’

DUCK Dynasty’s Kay Robertson was hospitalized after suffering a dog bite that left a chunk of her lip “ripped off.” 

The 73-year-old’s husband, family patriarch Phil Robertson, explained that he woke up to his wife “profusely bleeding” following the scary attack and rushed her to get emergency medical attention. 

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Kay Robertson was rushed to the hospital after being attacked by her own dog[/caption]


The Duck Dynasty star’s husband, Phil, found her ‘profusely bleeding’ in the middle of the night[/caption]

Phil recalls being stirred at night by his wife, who was hovering over the bed with a rag at her mouth, saying she needed to go to the hospital.

“I said, ‘Move that rag a minute,’” Phil Robertson recalls. “She takes the rag off her face. And I’m looking at her top lip, was split in two, about a quarter of an inch.””

Her bottom lip, over on the right side, there was just a chuck gone. Bleeding profusely is an understatement,” he says.

As Phil slept, Miss Kay was preparing for bed, when she leaned down to give Bobo a kiss goodnight, not realizing the dog was sleeping. 

The dog instinctively snapped at her when he was disturbed, the family says. Fans of the reality show may remember Bobo, who was a frequent source of comedic relief. 

It seems as the dog has aged, his eyes have developed cataracts — something Phil and Jase Robertson say is due to his having been bitten by snakes. 

They call him a “killer,” but only of mice and snakes. No one blames Bobo for what happened to Miss Kay.

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