EastEnders spoilers: Pregnant Linda Carter makes a shock announcement in the Queen Vic

PREGNANT Linda Carter makes a shock announcement in the Queen Vic next week in EastEnders. 

The Queen Vic landlady – who is played by actress Kellie Bright in the BBC soap – dropped the bombshell that she is pregnant earlier this month.

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Linda makes a huge decision next week in EastEnders[/caption]

Mick was thrilled by the prospect, but was soon brought down to earth with a thump when Linda broke the bad news that it isn’t his baby – it’s Max Branning’s.

In scenes set to air next week, Mick promises to meet Linda at her scan but he panics after a chat with Nancy. 

When Mick realises he’s late for Linda’s scan, he jumps into a taxi and meets Jeanette the driver, who’s pregnant herself. 

Disaster strikes, however, when Jeanette’s waters break and Mick is forced to take the wheel, driving her to hospital.

Later, as Mick apologises to Linda, she makes a shock announcement. 

Mick insists he’ll love the baby despite everything, but Linda is concerned about Max wanting to be involved.


Linda worries about Max wanting to be involved in the baby’s life[/caption]

Elsewhere next week, Stuart and Rainie struggle to cope without baby Abi, who’s been snatched by her grandfather Max. 

Stuart and Rainie head to the police station to inquire about Abi. 

Meanwhile, Karen, Bernie and Tiffany go to their first weight loss class, where Karen and Tiffany are no help whatsoever.

Bernie later sees Rainie and exaggerates how much weight she’s lost in the hope that she’ll reconsider her offer to be her surrogate. 

It’s clear that Rainie is even more determined to have a baby now that Abi is gone.

Will Rainie accept Bernie’s offer to be her surrogate?

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