EastEnders viewers terrified Isaac will nosedive after seriously worrying clue in therapy session

EASTENDERS fans fear bad times are ahead for Isaac Baptiste, who’s lying to doctors and his girlfriend Lola Pearce, as well as not taking his medication.

Viewers of the BBC One soap predict a dark twist for Isaac who is refusing to take his meds for his schizophrenia.


Isaac continues to lie about taking his medication[/caption]

On Tuesday night’s episode, Isaac sat down with his therapist and Lola.

But he lied as he said he was still taking his pills “like clockwork”.

Isaac continued: “I’m back on form now. Eating good. I’ve even picked up the running again. I’m feeling better than I’ve ever been.”

A concerned Lola said: “I thought you was going to tell him you were off your meds!”


Isaac told his girlfriend Lola to trust him[/caption]

Isaac replied: “You heard what he said. I’m all good. Trust me, yeah?”

Fans took to Twitter as they fear things will get worse for Isaac.

One viewer said: “Can see Isaac is going to go on a downward spiral with him not taking his medication.”

Another wrote: “Isaac, calm down and get back on the meds before you do something stupid!”


Isaac keeps asking questions about Paul Trueman[/caption]

Isaac also appeared to be getting more and more obsessed with late drug dealer Paul Trueman.

He spoke to Patrick about Paul’s legacy and tried on his jacket which Patrick insisted he kept.

Later, Isaac questioned Ruby about her dad while looking through her old photo albums.


Is Ruby getting suspicious of Isaac?[/caption]

Is Ruby getting suspicious?

Fans think Isaac’s digging into the past will get him into trouble, as one said: “Isaac’s obsession with Paul and Johnny will send him towards breaking point.”

Isaac’s storyline is being written in collaboration with the mental health charity Mind.

EastEnders continues Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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