Easy hacks to help you sleep during the heatwave from a clever hot water bottle tip to FREEZING your sheets

HOT weather is all well and good for lounging in the park or sunbathing in the garden – but when it comes to bedtime, the heat can be insufferable.

For Brits, sleeping in hot weather can be unfamiliar and uncomfortable, which is why these genius ladies have come up with great hacks from cold water bottles to spraying your curtains and freezing your sheets.

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This hot water bottle hack could help you sleep in the heat[/caption]

Cold water bottle

Tiktok user Sam shared her hottest tip for staying cool at night with her followers.

The first thing you’ll have to do is fill your hot water bottle half way with cold water.

Then, simply pop the hot water bottle into the freezer and leave it there for several hours.

Sam advises leaving the bottle in the freezer all day to make sure it’s fully frozen.

Tiktok / sambatterson5

Just fill the bottle halfway with cool water and leave to freeze[/caption]

Then, an hour before bedtime, put the hot water bottle into your bed, so it’ll be nice and cool when you hop in.

Sam said: “You are literally just going to put it in your bed an hour before you go to bed. And when you get in your bed it’s going to be so cold.”

Once you’re actually tucked in for the night, you can place the DIY cold pack in your pillow case for a cooling sensation. 

She advised: “Put it in your pillowcase, or just rest on it – it’s amazing!”

In the on-screen caption she wrote: “If you’re in the UK and can’t sleep in the heat try this!”

She also warned viewers that they must never use the hot water bottle for boiling water after freezing it once, as it isn’t safe.

If the seal is weakened by freezing, hot water could leak out and result in burns.

She wrote: “Three things – 1) Please don’t do this too often as the ice can damage the seal. 2) Only fill it 2/3s up as it expands! 3) Be careful of ice burns.”

Bath brilliance

One brilliant tip, which was shared by Stacey Soloman last year, is super simple – but very effective.

To battle heat in the evenings, Stacey opted to have a cool bath before bedtime.


Stacey enjoys a cool bath before bed to make sure she doesn’t get too hot when trying to sleep[/caption]


Stacey enjoyed her cool bath after putting her sons to bed[/caption]

The TV personality shared a snap on Instagram stories during England’s last heatwave.

She filled her bath with cool water and petals, and helped herself to an icy drink to help her relax in style before going to sleep. 

Some say bathing or showering in cool water before bed can reduce anxiety and soothe tired muscles, which slows the heart rate and makes sleep easier to achieve. 

So, Stacey’s hack isn’t just great for staying cool in bed, but also for inducing a peaceful night’s sleep – genius!

Happy sprays

Tiktok user Rosa shared her unusual hacks for beating the heat at bedtime.

Her first controversial tip is to spray cold water on the curtains in her bedroom. 

Tiktok / @lickme69069

Rosa sprays her curtains with cold water to cool the air in the room[/caption]

Tiktok / @lickme69069

She also brings frozen t-shirts to bed to stay cool[/caption]

While some commenters weren’t on board with the tip, saying it could make the room feel “damp”, many agree that the hack actually works.

Commenters said the cold water on the curtains acts as a coolant for any air flowing around the room.

So, if you leave your windows open and your curtains are covered in cool mist, the air flowing into the room will be cooled down.

Rosa also advised putting t-shirts into zip-lock bags and freezing them during the day, so they can act as makeshift ice packs in bed.


If your room is like a sauna, take some fresh sheets and pop them in a sealable bag and leave them in your freezer.

Take them out just before bed and put them on your bed, and if you don’t have room to put your duvet cover in the freezer try just your pillowcases instead.

This allows the material to soak up cool air and provide a cold and surface for you to sleep on. 

You should also make sure to pop the sheets into a bag before putting them in the freezer to avoid condensation.

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