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Election Security Institute Pans Nevada Dems for Digital 'Tool'


An institute studying election security Tuesday slammed the Nevada Democratic Party for planning to use a digital “tool” to track its caucuses after the controversy last week in Iowa with its voting app.

The Open Souce Election Technology, in a lengthy Twitter posting, linked a story from The Nevada Independent about the party’s plans for the Feb. 22 caucuses. The story noted, the state party’s staffers made the distinction between its digital “tool” and the app that was used in Iowa, which had coding issues leading to the delays in the Iowa caucus reporting.

OSET’s first tweet read:

“Deja Vu; this time in NV. Let’s be clear from the start: their’s is an ‘App’ and no designation of ‘tool’ changes that. Let’s stop playing word games here. The fact that it’s pre-loaded & may not use mobile connectivity is the only ‘difference.'”

The institute also said there are two key differences between the Iowa app and the NDP tool. 

Nevada’s tool is “pre-loaded [and] configured by IT support,” said OSET, and the iPads that contain the tool will be distributed, and the tool itself calculates the results, but the differences end there. 

“Although it appears they have [two] more weeks than Iowa had, they *still* suffer from much of the same product management missteps, the first & foremost being doing *nothing* to engender *trust* (communication + transparency) in what they’re doing,” OSET said.

“The DNC & NDP will *not* engender any trust by failing to completely answer these questions,” said the OST.

“Please prove us wrong,” read the final tweet. “Otherwise, there will be very serious questions about *why* this money was spent to build unnecessary Apps in the first place. Stay tuned.”

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