Emmerdale fans all have the same complaint about Marlon after April’s heartbreaking bullying ordeal

EMMERDALE fans all had the same complaint about Marlon Dingle after April’s bullying ordeal took a turn for the worse. 

Marlon thought he’d put a stop to the schoolgirl’s trolling horror last month when he took away her phone and deleted her social media. 

April skipped school after receiving a tidal wave of hate online
Marlon couldn’t work out why April was ill

But little does he know that the bullying has only gotten worse.

Last night, viewers watched April skip school after receiving a tidal wave of hateful comments online.

Cathy attempted to comfort her, but April warned her to stay away in case she was targeted as well. 

Seeing how distraught April was, Cathy was consumed with guilt.

But it was April’s dad Marlon that fans called out after he failed to realise what was going on. 

April burst into tears whilst her phone beeped with messages, before throwing up in front of the Woolpack. 

But Marlon remained oblivious to the bullying and couldn’t work out why April was ill – much to viewers’ dismay.

One fan tweeted: “Marlon has to thick as mince if he cannot see what is wrong with April. He knew about her bullying first time around? Why can’t he work it out again?”

Another added: “April is being bullied again. Why can’t you work that out Marlon? Are you that deluded.”

A third chimed in: “April just tell Marlon the truth! #Emmerdale”

It was revealed to viewers last month that April’s bully is in fact her neighbour Cathy, but April still remains in the dark about her tormerntor’s identity. 

This week, April is floored when Cathy admits that she started the online trolling – and rushes off to tell Rhona everything. 

When Rhona confronts Cathy and grabs her to stop her running away, a fight breaks out between Rhona and Brenda.

In a shock turn of events, Rhona shoves Brenda over and watches as she falls roughly to the ground.

Cathy confesses to bullying April this week in Emmerdale

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