Emmerdale fans disgusted as Cain Dingle rejects mum Faith after discovering her cancer may have returned

EMMERDALE fans are disgusted at Cain Dingle for rejecting his mum Faith after discovering her cancer may have returned.

Faith revealed the truth to Chas, telling her: “They’re checking my spine and my hip. Given the fact I’ve had breast cancer, it could be secondary in my bones.”


Faith Dingle struggled to keep her cancer scare to herself[/caption]


ITV viewers were horrified as Cain Dingle rejected his mum after discovering her cancer may have returned[/caption]

Chas then filled her brother Cain in but he didn’t seem to care.

Chas lashed out at him, saying: “Our mum could have cancer, whatever’s gone on between you, at least show some compassion. She needs both of us.”

Cain raged: “We don’t even know she’s got it yet – if it turns out she has, let me know.”

Later Faith went to Cain to tell him that she hadn’t been drinking when she was with Liv – it was her hip. And that she could be dying.

She told him: “The sooner I’m gone the better, eh? 

“Well you might get your wish. And you’ll save a few bob, anyway when you won’t have to pay me to get rid of me. 

“You’ll hear either way when my tests come through and if the news is bad you’re under no obligation. 

“I may be your mum but we both know you’ve no great love for me, unless there’s something you’re hiding that’s buried deep that you’re not letting on?”

Cain coldly said: “If there was I think I’d know by now.”

Faith was devastated but walked off to hide her sobbing, as Cain carried on working.

Viewers were disgusted with him for turning his back on his own mum.

One wrote: “What would be really great would be to see Cain blubbering at Faith’s feet, but I can’t see it somehow. Make it happen. #Emmerdale”

A second said: “I’m glad Faith has told Chas and Cain, I hope he doesn’t give her a hard time…life is too short. #Emmerdale”

Another added: “Cain is so nasty about Faith..that was an emotional one. Great job and loved the end shot of Faith walking towards the camera.”


Faith came clean to her daughter Chas and to her emotional great granddaughter Sarah[/caption]

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