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Emmerdale fans horrified as Meena’s sinister past is exposed – and predict she is a killer

EMMERDALE fans were left horrified as Meena Jutla’s sinister past was exposed – and predict she is a killer.

ITV viewers have watched the nurse meddle and manipulate her way into people’s affections over the last few months.

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Meena could be the next Dales killer[/caption]

In tonight’s episode, viewers learnt about Meena’s secret past which raised alarm bells.

Meena continued to meddle in Andrea and Charles’ relationship as she eavesdropped on the couple’s argument.

Despite admitting that she was concerned for the pair, she couldn’t wipe the smug smile off her face.

Diane then confronted her, saying: “You know what’s worse than fake news? Fake sympathy.”


Her shady past was exposed tonight[/caption]

The village nurse then told David that she plans to make amends with Diane, calling it her “project”.

Meena later visited Bernice’s salon to get her nails done, and she bumped into Diane and apologised.

Andre then came running in asking to borrow nail polish remover, while she was there she informed Meena, who was holding a champagne glass, that her and Charles are back and track.

After Andrea left, Meena crushed the glass in sheer anger which cut her hand and left her bleeding.

Meena revealed her sinister past to Diane

A mortified Diane then had a heart-to-heart with her as she patched herself up.

Diane remarked: “You’re a funny one, tough cookie nurse and slightly on the sensitive side.”

Meena then revealed that she has a fear of falling out with people, and admitted that she gets “over involved” in other peoples lives.

Diane replied: “It’s a nice thought but we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t make mistakes.”

The nurse has been exhibiting some strange behaviour

Meena then opened up about her ominous past and told Diane that her best friend killed herself years ago.

She said: “My friend made a mistake, I should have been there for her but I wasn’t. I should have talked to her but I didn’t.

“I tried but she rejected me, so I backed off and let her work it through on her own. And she killed herself.”

Meena revealed that she is triggered when she sees someone in “emotional pain”, admitting that she doesn’t believe her sister Manpreet is in a happy marriage.

Meena has been meddling in Charles and Andrea’s relationship

Meena then admitted that she hasn’t told her sister about her friend Nadine’s death, because she still feels too guilty.

Andrea then returned to the salon, and after Diane left the room Meena switched on her, calling her “two-faced”.

Later on Meena was shown with a mysterious box; inside the box was Andrea’s dog Princess’ stolen toy and a newspaper cutting with the headline ‘woman found dead in suspicious circumstances’.

She took out the article and blankly stared at it, before returning it to the ominous box.


Diane later aired her concerns about the young nurse, suspecting something amiss with her.

Speaking to her daughter Bernice, Diane said: “She’s an odd little thing, there is something decidedly funny about her.”

Bernice replied: “Oh god, you’ve got that fascinated look again haven’t you? I can sense you getting drawn in, not clever mum.”

Diane remarked: “Why because it gives me less time to devote to your shenanigans?”

ITV viewers suspect Meena is a killer

“Exactly, leave it,” Bernice added.

“Don’t you get feeling she’s quite a sad girl at heart,” Diane said.

The salon owner replied: “We’re all a bit like that.”

Meena later spotted Andrea and Charles looking loved-up and slammed her hand against the steering wheel in fury.

ITV viewers were shocked by Meena’s menacing behaviour, with several predicting that she could be her best friend’s killer.

One viewer wrote: “Well that’s confirmed, that #meena is a psycho… #emmerdale.”

Another posted: “I was right. Meena needs a psychiatric assessment. The friend’s suicide’ was just another one of her twisted lies. David needs to sleep with one eye open. She will exact her revenge when he dumps her #Emmerdale.”

A third shared: “Making Meena a full on psychopath is a wise direction to go in . I am legit interested in where this goes.”


Meena has already raised suspicions with her unusual behaviour[/caption]

Show producer Kate Brooks recently revealed that Meena is about to take centre stage in a huge new storyline that will leave fans ‘shouting at their TVs’.

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