Emmerdale fans in tears for Nicola King as husband Jimmy ends their marriage

EMMERDALE fans are devastated for Nicola King after husband Jimmy ended their marriage.

The businesswoman – who is played by actress Nicola Wheeler in the ITV soap – was left heartbroken when Jimmy told her he was leaving her.

Emmerdale fans were left heartbroken for Nicola King after Jimmy ended their marriage

Jimmy told her: “It’s the weight of the court case and Juliet. It’s exposed too many cracks. 

“I know we said we’d muddle through but I just feel tired. I’m sorry, I can’t do this anymore.”

“Am I really so unbearable?” asked Nicola.

“I mean it Jimmy, tell me what I’ve done that is so unforgivable.”

Jimmy explained that he can’t do it anymore

Unfortunately for Nicola, Jimmy could give her a list.

“You mean all your little scams with Mackenzie and giving half my business away behind my back?

“We’ve got too used to thinking this is normal. You balling me out, me being a constant disappointment – other people aren’t like this.

“They just care quietly for each other and listen sometimes. 

Nicola was left devastated by the news

“Me being here just feels like I’m giving you false hope – like you’re just waiting for me to give in and change my mind.

“Our marriage is over Nicola – properly I mean. I’m going to look for somewhere else to live and think about moving out.”

Nicola sobbed as Jimmy ended their decade long relationship – and fans were devastated for her.

One wrote: “‘Our marriage is over Nicola’ that escalated fast. #Emmerdale

A second said: “Our marriage is over #Emmerdale @emmerdale @nicola_wheeler @Nick_Miles_ @Reallisariley.”

Another added: “Nicola you have done nothing wrong. Everything she’s done including working with Mack has been with good intention towards pulling her family together and helping Carl #Emmerdale.”

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