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Emmerdale spoilers: Kim Tate sabotages Jamie’s chance of romance with Dawn's exit

And it seems, Gabby could play an integral part in making all that happen. 

When asked whether Kim knows Jamie and Gabby spent the night together, Claire said: “At this point, she doesn’t know. She suspects that it’s Dawn who is with Jamie and she doesn’t know it [Jamie and Gabby] is a drunken one-off. 

“She cannot stand Dawn; she hates everything she stands for, doesn’t like the fact she was/is a prostitute, she’s untrustworthy. 

“She’s still at the moment working in the office – that is until she is accused of stealing Bear’s wallet, in which case Jai sacks her. 

“So hopefully, she’s [Kim] thinking ‘great, she’s out of my hair, out of my workplace and next thing I got to do is get around to sorting my son’s life,’” the actress continued. 

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