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Emmerdale spoilers: Meena Jutla covers her tracks after horrifying David Metcalfe actions

MEENA Jutla covers her tracks next week in Emmerdale after horrifying David Metcalfe actions. 

Meena started dating David at the end of 2020 when his son Jacob left the village to go and live with his mum in Portugal.

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Meena covers her tracks next week in Emmerdale[/caption]

But with Jacob set to return to the Dales in the next few weeks and ruin Meena’s plans to move in with David, the nurse is set to unravel.

Will David notice something is amiss?

Show producer Kate Brooks recently revealed that Meena is about to take centre stage in a huge new storyline that will leave fans ‘shouting at their TVs’.

“We’ve got a brilliant summer coming up where Kim, Faith, Tracy and Meena will all be at the forefront of really brilliant and gripping drama,” she told the Mirror.

Meena will go to great lengths to get what she wants in the coming weeks

Meena raised fans’ suspicions when she masqueraded as Ethan Anderson’s biological mother[/caption]

“From a real and very gripping story, to the wonderful Meena. Meena has rocked up in the village and has manipulated her way into people’s affections.

“Now she is loved up with David. This is a woman who will do everything and anything to get what she wants. She won’t be tied by anyone who gets in her way.

“This is just the start of a really gripping and enthralling story that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats, and shouting at the television as they struggle to keep up with Meena’s impetuous and volatile ways.

“It’s a real whirlwind of a story that will hopefully get the nation talking and guessing what is gonna come next.”

Meena raised fans’ suspicions in recent months when she pretended to be Ethan Anderson’s long-lost mother in a scheme to destroy her sister Manpreet’s marriage.

Fans were also concerned when Meena grew overwhelmingly jealous of David’s friendship with Leyla.

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