Euro 2020: Football is just a game but it’s our game. And now it’s coming home, again

A WISE old sage once quipped that football isn’t a matter of life and death,­ ­it’s much more important than that.

In this year of years we know that’s not true. The toughest battles have been fought not by those in Three Lions white but in green medical scrubs and blue nurses’ tunics.


Harry Kane is England’s captain as they compete at Euro 2020[/caption]

Football is just a game but it’s our game. And now it’s coming home, again.

A melodrama that has given us gilded ’66, Gazza’s Tears in ’90, ’96’s Dentist’s Chair and Pickford’s 2018 Shootout Save.

Now it’s our summer. 2021 is your turn to unite this rainbow nation of ours and write history.

Wear your shirts with pride. Each of you is already a winner.

Fewer than 1,300 men in history have ever won a cherished England cap.

There will be pitfalls along the way, but 56million of us are with you.

We’ll be there as you kick every ball. We’ll have your back when things go wrong.


Marcus Rashford is one of the squad’s many talented strikers[/caption]


Jack Grealish is part of the talented squad competing to bring the trophy home[/caption]


Football-mad England will be cheering on Raheem Sterling[/caption]

In return you can give this football-mad nation hope, unity and, perhaps, some joy.

This is not the time for boos, only cheers.

Many years from now, let us look back fondly and say . . . 

Whatever 2021 threw at the world, that summer brought out the best in us.


Wear your England shirts with pride as Mason Mount fights to write history[/caption]


Jordan Pickford was an England hero and helped the Three Lions win their first ever World Cup penalty shootout[/caption]


Gareth Southgate will lead the team to victory at Euro 2020[/caption]


England will be there for the squad – even when things go wrong[/caption]

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