Ex Hollyoaks star Emmett Scanlan shares rare selfie with daughter Kayla, 19, as he wishes her good luck in exams

EX Hollyoaks star Emmett Scanlan has shared a rare selfie with his daughter Kayla.

The actor, 42 – who played Brendan Brady in the Channel 4 soap – took to Instagram to wish the 19-year-old good luck in her exams.


Former Hollyoaks star Emmett Scanlan has shared some never-before-seen snaps of him and daughter Kayla[/caption]

The teen is about to take her leaving cert, which is what 17 to 19-year-old’s in Ireland take at the end of school.

Emmett posted a selection of father-daughter photos on his grid to show his love and support.

He captioned the post: “Break legs to me baby girl starting her leaving cert tomorrow (that’s A levels for all you British folk)…

“I’m forever proud of you Kaylz no matter how these tests go down..”


One one of the pictures Emmett can be seen trying to kiss his daughter on the cheek[/caption]

The proud dad admitted that he’ll be proud of her no matter what happens.

He continued: “In fact how these tests go down has never been the point of all this and in the grand scheme of things doesn’t really matter; has never mattered..

“It’s always been the journey. How you’ve held yourself on your own personal journey during this very difficult and challenging time is all that matters. To me. And you did that with grace & dignity.

“You did that like a f***in legend.”


Emmett and Kayla smile for the camera[/caption]

But right at the end of his length caption, he joked: “That said, if you don’t get all A’s we’re done..”

His followers flocked to the comments section to wish Kayla good luck.

One wrote: “Good luck and God bless pretty🙏.”

Another said: “Best of luck to her ❤.”


Emmett gave his daughter a huge hug in another one of the pictures[/caption]

A third chimed in: “Good luck Kayla x.”

Meanwhile others were stunned by her natural beauty.

A fourth added: “What a gorgeous girl x.”

A fifth wrote: “Stunning young lady …she will go far 😊💖.”

Getty – Contributor

Emmett shot to fame in 2004 on The Big Bow Wow[/caption]

Dublin-born Emmett shares Kayla from a previous relationship.

The Irish actor shot to fame in 2004, but is most well-known for his portrayal of Brendan in Hollyoaks from 2010 to 2013.

Since his stint on Hollyoaks, Emmett has starred in the likes of Peaky Blinders, The Fall and Krypton.

Emmett married co-star Claire Cooper – who played Jacqui McQueen – in New York in 2015.

Emmett is most well known for playing Brendan Brady in Hollyoaks

Emmett married Hollyoaks co-star Claire Cooper in 2015[/caption]

Lime Productions

Claire played Jacqui McQueen from 2006 to 2013[/caption]

In May 2020 the actress revealed the happy news that they were expecting their first child together.

She told fans: “Feeling it all & so happy to share.

“I’ve been growing into a mama oh so quietly & discreetly, tip toeing a tightrope with the ebs & flows of pregnancy.

“Finding the seclusion exactly what I/we needed to captain the last seven months together, so much joy, so many belly laughs, so much belly, so much morning sickness & moments of fear.

Instagram / Emmett J. Scanlan

Claire announced she was expecting in May 2020[/caption]


Claire gave birth to her son Ocean in July 2020[/caption]

“Experiencing this journey without too much noise around us … allowing ourselves to be fully immersed into this reality we hold, giving us the time to adjust & feel but REALLY FEEL – to stop & listen, cutting out the hot noise shaped by other experiences whether they be good or bad, it’s allowed our journey to be deeply intimate & intuitive…

“We now feel our little person kicking & limbering up! and now we sit looking at each other wide eyed smiling nervously at the wonder, beauty & weirdness of what we are right now & what’s to come…[sic].”

On 18 July 2020 Claire and Emmett welcomed their son Ocean-Torin into the world.

The Irish actor announced the news on Twitter and wrote: “It’s a boy.”

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